The Bartram Trails Branch OR The Durbin Creek Branch

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Dear Family,


* She has a full ride running scholarship to SUU
* She’s a way faster runner than me.
* She runs really fast.
* Like, less than a five minute mile
* Both of her parents are deaf so her first language is ASL
* Didn’t mean to do caps lock, sorry.
* She’s the nicest person I’ve ever met & makes breakfast for me sometimes.
* She is from Payson, Utah!


Mighty Miracle May is so real, guys. Since this branch opened approximately 6 months ago, there has not been an investigator at church other than part member families. We invited someone to baptism this week. His name is Nick. Here’s how the bap invite went…
“Nick…” “YES?” “Will you..””YES.” “Follow the example of Jesus Christ…” “YES!!!” “AND BE BAPTIZED” “YES!!!!!!” “BY SOMEONE HOLDING THE PROPER AUTHORITY OF JESUS CHRIST!!??” “YEEEEES!!!!” We were all screaming & yelling & being excited. It was the best. Then he came to church!!! Everyone was so nice to him.

So he is planning on being baptized on the 28 of May. I am giving a training in front of the zone tomorrow on a training I didn’t even see the first time. So pray that goes well.

I love you all for real. I’m super blessed.

Sister Aure

From Sis. Randle: This is Sister Randle! It’s been a while, but I miss you all! I hope everyone is doing really great. Sister Aure is doing pretty great, from what I can tell. She is a leader now, and she is probably the best one ever. The sisters in Jax south are lucky. Do you think she will have purple hair when she gets home?? I do. Or teal. Do you think that she will be weird when she gets home? I do. Everyone is weird from their missions. She will probably try and make you pray in public when you got out to eat and slip conference talks under the door. That’s just how it goes. Just love her and she’ll adjust fine. See you guys in 9 months.


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