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Hey y’all.


This week was another week that we worked really hard & have TWO kingdom building families that we introduced to the Book of Mormon for the first time who we will be seeing again this week….well…not me. Because Heavenly Father wants me to serve somewhere else for the next 6 weeks!

1) IM GOING BACK TO JAX!!!!!!!! I’ll be in the JAX South Zone for the first time ever.
2) I will get to go to zone conference with Sisters Randle & Miller!!! #comin4u
3) I will be serving in this little branch called Bartram Trails…I think. I’ll be with Sister Malm. She’s just one transfer behind me. It’s the ONLY area in the whole mission that has 1 set of sisters & 0 elders. & it’s the only branch, other than gville YSA that has sisters in it at all. I had a goal at the beginning of my mission to make a branch a ward….so maybe I am finally getting that opportunity?!

I am sad to leave Gainesville, but the friends I have made will be 4ever.

I wish I had something insightful to say today, but I really don’t. Just do some missionary work this week & you will be as happy as I am. 


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