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Y’all ready for this?

Duh nuh nuh dunuhnuh

Hello from the Bartram Trails Branch in the Jacksonville Florida South Stake!! It’s about a million degrees everyday & our watch tans are becoming something to be jealous of! I really wish we biked here so it would be more pronounced. I love biking. I really miss biking. #RIPGV2 On the awesome side, I had 5 people email this week & ask to buy my bike. Ask me someday to share with you my amazing bike ad that I put out. It’s all about presentation, folks. So maybe it’s a good thing that I haven’t been riding it at all so it’s in better condition for them?

Who cares.


On Monday we were doing my second favorite thing, next to biking, which is tracting. I love separating the wheat from the tares, ya know? Plus tracting here is super satisfying because our area is SO SMALL that we write down every single house number on every single street & what they said. I love checking off lists. Anyway, we were doing my second favorite activity at 8:00pm. Sister Malm isn’t the biggest fan of tracting after 8, so we made a compromise to just skreet contact after the first half hour. The first thirty minutes
pass & not a single soul will talk to us. Suddenly it’s 8:30. I look at Sister Malm. She has her game face on, which means we’re going to keep knocking (& plus there was no one outside, so….) out of the next four doors we knocked, TWO of the households became new
investigators!! My friends, this is a miracle. Heavenly Father wants to bless us, but more often than not, those blessings are waiting in the second mile. The last half hour. The four extra houses. We MUST exercise our faith if we are to expect miracles.


Tuesday was my very ever very last Zone Conference. It was amazing. I felt the spirit. The spirit taught me truths, funny enough they were mostly truths about him. Him, being the spirit. I sang Come Thou Fount with two elders & Sister Malm signed it. It was really beautiful & I will have to record her doing it sometime so I can show you how bilingually talented she is. I got to spend the day with my soul mates Sisters Miller & Randle. I may have said goodbye to Sister Miller until October. It was sad. It was also finally my turn to share a departing testimony & I did not feel wise enough to be up there. I know I’ve changed. I know it. I’ve felt Christ’s atonement shape me. But through that whole process, the biggest thing I’ve really learned is how much I don’t know & how much I can’t teach anyone anything about anything. Unless I do it through & because of Him.


I got to spend some time with both Sister Colson & Sister Tryon this week! When I was with Sister Colson, we were walking to the street we were to be knocking & it just started pouring. POURING. ain’t nothin like flarida rainstarms. We did not have an Umbrella. We did not have our rain jackets. We had to take cover under someone’s front porch. We knocked on this door to ask if we could sit there & she said yes, then quickly shut the door. 60 seconds later she returned with towels for us! (That’s how wet we were) isn’t that the sweetest? Sister Colson & I had a blast. Sister Tryon & I also had a blast, but our blast consisted of getting screamed & cursed at for 5 minutes straight by a lady who really clearly hated us. It’s weird to have people hate you just because of your beliefs; I really feel for the Islamic community right now. Sister Tryon’s goal for the trade off was optimism, so clearly that experience was handpicked by Heavenly Father to help us achieve that goal.

On Sunday we had three friends at church!! I love the opportunity to explain the sacrament to people for the first time. It was a great service that was focused on becoming disciples of Christ.

I hope this email made up for the lack of substance in my past emails. Just know that if I send a short or unsubstantial email it’s just because I’m having loads of fun without you.

I’ve been able to come really close to my Savior the past week. I am so insurmountably grateful for & indebted to Him. I will close with Elder Holland’s testimony of Him. Just know that I love Jesus Christ. Know that I worship Him. Know that my whole purpose in life is to become more like Him. I know He lives.

Sister Aure


This Email Has No Subject

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Hey y’all!


This week nothing I did could compare to what my sister did…..she had a baby!!! She’s adorable! & I love her! & I can already feel myself turning into one of those people that is obsessed with their nieces/nephews that everyone avoids because that’s all they  talk about. Don’t worry, I didn’t let that get in the way of what I’m here to do!

This week, I met a lady in the branch who was wearing a Panic! at the Disco shirt & we bonded over concerts for a minute. She gave me heads up about 21 Pilots in July that’s sold out already (when did they become someone that would sell out a show…?) so someone better get on that & get me a ticket. **Richard Marsh took care of that before this email even got sent!**

We had zone conference this week & I talked for 284392x longer than I was supposed to, & nothing else is new. Except I had to shake everyone’s while they left & be friendly to them. Although Sister Miller & Randle are convinced I hate everyone, I’m actually just scared of everyone, & for good reason! I got made fun of twice for the way I shake hands. It’s fine. I’ll get better at it. #goals

I also got to hang out with Sister Jones for 24 hours & we did language study in the morning (because she is an ASL missionary). Out of the four of us there, I was the only one not fluent in ASL, so to contribute, I just read my favorite conf talks & made them interpret them. We also played a game where they signed to each other & I translated it to English. It was not very effective, but it was hilarious.

We had a great lesson with Nick this week where we drew out the plan of salvation with sidewalk chalk. He loved it so much that he brought his family to a concert hosted by our church where 40+ year olds covered songs by Pat Benetar, Evanescence, & like….other random people. Luckily they’re not musically inclined, because they loved it!!!


Sorry this email isn’t very informational or spiritual, but the church is still true! & president invited everyone at the devotional on Sunday to be baptized over the pulpit & it was so hardcore. I love being a missionary.

Sis A

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The Bartram Trails Branch OR The Durbin Creek Branch

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Dear Family,


* She has a full ride running scholarship to SUU
* She’s a way faster runner than me.
* She runs really fast.
* Like, less than a five minute mile
* Both of her parents are deaf so her first language is ASL
* Didn’t mean to do caps lock, sorry.
* She’s the nicest person I’ve ever met & makes breakfast for me sometimes.
* She is from Payson, Utah!


Mighty Miracle May is so real, guys. Since this branch opened approximately 6 months ago, there has not been an investigator at church other than part member families. We invited someone to baptism this week. His name is Nick. Here’s how the bap invite went…
“Nick…” “YES?” “Will you..””YES.” “Follow the example of Jesus Christ…” “YES!!!” “AND BE BAPTIZED” “YES!!!!!!” “BY SOMEONE HOLDING THE PROPER AUTHORITY OF JESUS CHRIST!!??” “YEEEEES!!!!” We were all screaming & yelling & being excited. It was the best. Then he came to church!!! Everyone was so nice to him.

So he is planning on being baptized on the 28 of May. I am giving a training in front of the zone tomorrow on a training I didn’t even see the first time. So pray that goes well.

I love you all for real. I’m super blessed.

Sister Aure

From Sis. Randle: This is Sister Randle! It’s been a while, but I miss you all! I hope everyone is doing really great. Sister Aure is doing pretty great, from what I can tell. She is a leader now, and she is probably the best one ever. The sisters in Jax south are lucky. Do you think she will have purple hair when she gets home?? I do. Or teal. Do you think that she will be weird when she gets home? I do. Everyone is weird from their missions. She will probably try and make you pray in public when you got out to eat and slip conference talks under the door. That’s just how it goes. Just love her and she’ll adjust fine. See you guys in 9 months.


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Hey y’all.


This week was another week that we worked really hard & have TWO kingdom building families that we introduced to the Book of Mormon for the first time who we will be seeing again this week….well…not me. Because Heavenly Father wants me to serve somewhere else for the next 6 weeks!

1) IM GOING BACK TO JAX!!!!!!!! I’ll be in the JAX South Zone for the first time ever.
2) I will get to go to zone conference with Sisters Randle & Miller!!! #comin4u
3) I will be serving in this little branch called Bartram Trails…I think. I’ll be with Sister Malm. She’s just one transfer behind me. It’s the ONLY area in the whole mission that has 1 set of sisters & 0 elders. & it’s the only branch, other than gville YSA that has sisters in it at all. I had a goal at the beginning of my mission to make a branch a ward….so maybe I am finally getting that opportunity?!

I am sad to leave Gainesville, but the friends I have made will be 4ever.

I wish I had something insightful to say today, but I really don’t. Just do some missionary work this week & you will be as happy as I am. 


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Week 4/4 of Birthday Month





In the words of a once famous poet,”These are the days when I wish was my bed was already made; it’s just another manic Monday. I wish it was Sunday! That’s my fun day! My “I don’t have to run day”. It’s just another manic Monday.”

These words are very accurate to how I feel every Monday. It throws a wrench in the missionary groove! Anyway, THANK YOU ALL, WHO PARTICIPATED IN MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I seriously had the best week of my life. Just knowing you were thinking of me, made me very happy. Some of the best surprises I received, was a Mother’s Day card from sister Randle, 5 lb bag of gummy worms from my mom, a bathtub full of glitter from sister Rickenbacker, Sister R’s mom sending me a necklace with a description that was actually a description of me (pictured below) key lime pie from a member, & metallic gold/silver sharpies from my other babe, Sister Breckenridge. The BEST present I received this week, however, was not a material. Two days ago, Sister & Brother Bowring had dinner & a tour of Temple Square in Salt Lake City with my mother & step father!!!!! Ahhhhhhh. I almost died. They are so ready to be sealed. I love it when different parts of my life merge. Best birthday ever.

This week WE DID NOT STOP EEVVVEERRRR!!!!! Did I still have allergies? Yes. Did my back still feel like there were needles in it? Yes. Was I still tired beyond all comprehension? YES. BUT I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!!!!! Do I sound excited? It’s because I am. There’s a quote in PMG (best book, next to the BoM, check it) that just really vibed with me this week.

I have often said one of the greatest secrets of missionary work is work! If a missionary works, he will get the Spirit; if he gets the Spirit, he will teach by the Spirit; and if he teaches by the Spirit, he will touch the hearts of the people and he will be happy. There will be no homesickness, no worrying about families, for all time and talents and interests are centered on the work of the ministry. Work, work, work–there is no satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work.”

–President Ezra Taft Benson

The Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson (1988), 200

(Here’s lookin at u, Miller n Randle)
My sister is having a baby soon!! Yay!! Shout hooray!!!