1/4 Week of Birthday Month

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Today is a great day. It’s a new month, which means we have 750 miles¬†on our car & $170 on our card. I’m sipping a Mountain Dew outside,¬†watching the university students run around, waiting for my gyro to¬†come to my table. Don’t worry, Uncle Georgios. I know this place is¬†legit because they are playing that Greek music that you always listen¬†to. It’s beautiful, sunny, & there’s a slight breeze. April really is¬†the best month. Especially in Florida. On our walk to this Greek¬†hole-in-the-wall, a middle eastern man smoking a cigarette stopped us¬†by saying, “good afternoon, Sisters!” He introduced himself as¬†“Brother Sousa” & told us that he knows the YSA missionaries. He took¬†seeing us as a sign that he needed to go to church & get back in¬†contact with the missionaries. It is such a surreal experience to be¬†able to be recognized as the Lord’s servants by people I have never¬†met before. It reminded me that we, as missionaries, really are the¬†billboards for the church. We are doing missionary work simply by¬†walking down the street.

What a spiritual feast this past weekend was!! The older I get, the¬†more I love & appreciate our living prophets & apostles. They have¬†such wisdom & love for us as individuals & disciples of Jesus Christ.¬†They really do try to emulate the Savior’s life. If you haven’t¬†watched/listened to/read all of conference, you really need to. If you¬†have, you need to download it & listen to it again x2927

Sister Bowring went to the temple this week with some other sisters in¬†the ward to do baptisms. She was able to baptize her grandmother &¬†great grandmother. She said she was sobbing the whole time. At the¬†temple, a woman with two teenage daughters came up to her & said, “did¬†you get baptized for people today that you are related to?” “Yes, I¬†did.” “Thank you so much for giving the experience to me & my girls to¬†be able to watch you do that. We’re from Utah, where most people’s¬†direct relatives are members, so we don’t see that very often. This¬†was such a neat experience for us.”

Wow! This mother is such an inspiration to me. First off, they are on¬†vacation & at the temple! Secondly, she followed the spirit & shared¬†with Sister Bowring that her experience touched her. I’ve been reading¬†in the Book of Mormon about the spirit lately. Alma the younger really ¬†followed the spirit as he taught, but more than that, he told those he¬†was teaching that he was feeling the spirit & being guided by the¬†spirit! Just as alma did so many years ago, this woman is expressed¬†her love for the lord as she shared with Sister Bowring ways that the¬†spirit touched her. What a great example she must be to those two
young daughters.

In other news, I am sick. Again. Hacking & coughing & dying. But loving it.

I am really happy. There is so much joy that comes from missionary service. It just makes you love everyone so much.

“Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every¬†creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish;¬†yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless¬†torment did cause them to quake and tremble.”


ūüéāSister Aure


One thought on “1/4 Week of Birthday Month

  1. Sister Aure,
    I love reading your posts and all the experiences you are having and all the people’s lives you are impacting – indeed changing! You are such a blessing to our family as well as so many others:) We love and support you and may God continue to bless and guide your path.

    Your Nana B


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