Happy Easter!!! 🐣🐣⛪️

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I hope y’all had a really great time & enjoyed family & friends & shared your testimonies & went to church to partake of the sacrament.

Last week on Pday,  we all got together & had a hotdog bbq & played sand volleyball. It was a blast. But also sad, because the occasion was that some of our friends were being transferred & leaving us! RIP Sister Bolos & Reusch & Elders Caputo, Smith, & Welsh. But guess what! My OG companion Sister Bolos is now in my blessed Dunn Ave!! How fun is that? I told her all the best places to eat fried food & places to avoid being after dark, so don’t worry.

We did lots of service this week of painting, Easter egg hunt setting up, face painting, & thrift shop packing up. The Bowrings fed us & we talked about the temple. They’ve been going to temple prep the past couple of weeks & still have a goal to be sealed in June 🙌🏻🙌🏻

We’ve been inviting Sunil to Book of Mormon class for the past month & a half & he’s never come. Turns out all we needed to do was drop him, cause he came for the first time this week! & LOVED it which is so great because the Book of Mormon is what he was struggling to accept. He still doesn’t believe it’s true, but now he understands that we’re supposed to read it trying to relate to the stories & characters instead of as a historical artifact. Then he came to church yesterday, stayed for all three hours & (unprompted by us) a member invited him over for dinner with us in the next few weeks!! So maybe we’ll keep teaching him? Not super sure yet. He just has no desire to be vulnerable & exercise faith. Lol we just told him that there’s ten hours worth of conference for him to watch next weekend & he said, “as long as there are enough bathroom & snack breaks” who is this guy???

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It’s been very lightning & thundery this past weekend. A Florida storm is something I cannot describe its just beautiful. Especially as we’re riding our bikes back from knocking doors in the countryside, the sun’s down, it’s hot, but there’s a cool breeze, & the sky looks like it’s exploding every five seconds. Just beautiful.

We had a miracle this week when we were biking in the beautiful country side of Alachua. I really needed to go to the bathroom (surprise surprise) & there was only one member of the ward that lived within a 2 mile radius. So. We started for her house. When we got there she wasn’t home. But her daughter that hasn’t been to church in many many years. We asked if we could use their bathroom. It was only slightly awkward. When I came back out, sister R was doing what she does best, playing with her puppies & whatnot. Then she says, “I’m actually really glad you came by….I have something I want to talk about.” She shared with us some challenges she’s going through & we talked about the plan of salvation. We read the scriptures, shed some tears, & exchanged digits. It was a tender mercy for all of us.

Easter was great! We got to teach Sunday school on the atonement, we had an investigator at church, the Bowrings did their 3rd temple prep class (praying for an endowment & sealing in June) & I, not so coincidentally. was reading in Jesus the Christ this week about Christ’s last week on earth.

I hope y’all are happy & learning new things about yourself.


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