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I realized last night that I’ve really been skimping on my letters home lately AND I AM SO SORRY. I AM REPENTING RIGHT NOW & IMAGINING THE MOST DETAILED, SPIRITUAL EMAIL AS I WRITE.

This week was amazing!! Sister Rickenbacker & I both decided that it felt waaaayyyyy too long though. Who knows why that is. We were probably just excited for Sunday because that’s when we get to see if the people we are teaching are truly progressing!

On Tuesday I got to go to this pizza place with mah gurlz after district meeting & we wapped miracles & stuffed our faces with my favorite of bbq chicken. We had our weekly meeting with my bff Grant Copeland & he & his mom finally set a baptismal date for him!!! (It won’t be a convert baptism because he will still be shy of 9 by one month) but still, it has been such a fun time getting to know this family & watch their testimonies grow through their actions. They have made so many changes in their lives the past 6 months & they have never been so happy.

On Wednesday we did some yard work with my new best friend Janie. She’s a non member daughter of a member in the Ward. I FOUND ONE MILLION SLUGS. I PUT THEM ALL IN A PILE. THEN I FOUND A SLUG THAT WAS LAYING ON TOP OF A BABY FROG. this frog was clearly the slowest frog in the world if a slug could crawl over it. Also then we found a giant snake. It was a blast. & we asked Janie to find a project on for us to do next week with her! Have you been to that website yet?? It’s pretty shweet.

Lol then at Book of Mormon class that night Earl & Brooke were there & anytime someone paused for longer than .012 seconds in between verses, Earl would get impatient & just start reading. He ruffled a couple old lady feathers. It was pretty hilarious. He’s just so excited about reading the Book of Mormon, okay???!

Thursday was road trip city where we once again found ourselves in JAX due to doctor’s appointments.  My doctor was like, “huh. Looks like you’re a short timer. Guess you can just do your follow up visit in Utah.” *cue Niagara Falls 😭

I also asked President if I could see my bffs on our way home & said YES & I ate fried ice cream & we just had a blast. I love my baes.

Friday & Saturday were days full of talking to every single child of God that we saw & none of them really caring that we were trying to share the steps to exaltation with them. ‘Sal good. They’ll find out sooner or later.

Also sister Bowring FINALLY came home & even her husband is home now which is weird because I forgot she had a husband because I had never met him before. Turns out he is really great too! She went to a lesson with us Sunday night & she shared her experiences from converting from Catholicism to the LDS faith & how modern day revelations & the Book of Mormon fill in all the gaps where other religions don’t make sense. It was powerful for all of us. Especially, I think, for her.

We had 4 friends at church on Sunday. Earl came for sacrament even though he was about to throw up the whole time. That is conversion, if you ask me!! Laurence came as well & I got to see the SECOND purple suit that he owns. I really hope there’s more purple suits. & also he bore his testimony!!! About the plan of salvation & whatnot. He said, after church, that he cannot join the church because of his wife, but he will continue to participate. Sad, sad day. Sunil came to church (after church was over….whatever, Sunil) & continued to tell us all the reasons why the Book of Mormon couldn’t be true AND HE USED THE BIBLE TO EXPLAIN WHY. it was beautiful!!!! He’s gone from atheist, to now using the bible to prove his points. Which means he’s using it as evidence. Which means he thinks it’s solid proof. Which means he thinks it’s real. Small & simple steps, my friends. Tonight he is taking us out for Italian because he is scared that all I eat are jolly ranchers. He’s not far from the truth.

Miracles are real & they are more often than not, small things that we will miss if we’re not looking for them. As I have made a concerted effort to love my fellow man & work my hardest to do what is right, the lord has put his hand in our work & we see people’s heart change. This is all done through the spirit. I read this great scripture in Mosiah 5 this morning about that process & how beautiful it is.

And they all cried with one voice, saying: Yea, we believe all the words which thou hast spoken unto us; and also, we know of their surety and truth, because of the Spirit of the Lord Omnipotent, which has wrought a mighty change in us, or in our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually.

Love y’all.

Send me a letter in the mail this week otherwise a ghost will haunt you every time you open the fridge. Fwd to 10 ppl so this doesn’t happen!!!!!¡¡¡¡

Sister Aure

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