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We were Newberry town, doin what we do, talkin to people, knockin on doors. 👊 What up, what up. We were trying to find this person who is a member of the church that we’ve ever met before. On his record, it says that we should talk to the High Priest group about him, so we go to our area book to find the high priest group leader’s (Bro Anderson)  hone number. It wasn’t there. So naturally, I got distracted by looking at all the lesson reports Brother Anderson has ever been a part of. In the records, it said that he had been to lessons with this man named Laurence quite a bit. BAM. the spirit is not like a whisper, IT IS LIKE A LOUD PERSON THATS YELLING AT ME & telling me that we need to go to this man’s house RIGHT NOW.

Long story short, he had been taught FOUR years ago. We weren’t sure if he even lived there anymore. But we get there, he opens the door, invites us in, tells his wife to come downstairs & we have a lovely discussion about how he basically believes in every principle of the restored gospel & even taught a lesson in Sunday school once. So why isn’t he baptized????? We ask bishop about this (shout out to awesome, involved bishops like Bishop Nance) & he said it was Laurence’s wife didn’t like that he would have to pay tithing, so he stopped investigating so their marriage would be happy. SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS IT ABOUT PEOPLE’S WIVES HERE. but they invited us back any time so we are hoping that four years was enough time for the spirit to work on some heart softening.

We also cleaned a house & I screamed at least 16 times due to spiders crawling out of the wall that were almost as big as my hand!+9 some of our awesome district helped us with it. They are the best people & always so willing to lend a hand when we need it! Which seems to be always.

Our newest Ward missionary Sister Hrivnak went out with us this week to visit someone that had ordered a free bible from (◀️⬅️check that link out). We get there & it’s this really old man who turned out to have been best friends & co workers with one of sister H’s best friends in the church who had long since moved away. They made a great connection & we were able to teach him all about what the Book of Mormon is & how we can use it to help us study the bible. If sister H hadn’t have been with us, we never would have been able to share this glad message with that man as well as we did. It was such a miracle!!

The Bowrings came home from what seemed to us like the longest 10 day trip to see their daughter/sister & we were over there immediately THAT NIGHT to hang out with them. We watched a couple episodes of the church’s newish mini series called “12 Steps to Change” (if you haven’t seen it, you really need to, it is well done) & I was cuddled on their couch with a blanket & two warm dogs & a bag of my favorite jolly time blast o butter popcorn. I felt so normal & so happy. Life is the best.

Miracles really happen, people. They might not so often be in the blind being healed or the dead being raised, but in things that require a little more observation & faith. I know this church is true, because of it wasn’t, us 18-26 year olds in this missionary program would have wayyyyyyy less success in our interactions with people.

Luv u.
Sister Aure
1 Corinthians 12:25-26
(talking about the body of Christ (which is us))
 “That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another.
“And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it.”

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