Babylon, We Bid Thee Farewell

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This is a difficult email for me to write for some reason. I just feel like so much happened & anything I say about it would do it injustice.

So, I’ve been pondering a lot about life lately & what I can continue doing to improve not only as a teacher & missionary, but as a person in general. Really, they go hand in hand. After a lot of prayer & study I found that what i yet lack is charity. I’ve learned a lot about myself on this mission. I’ve learned about the worth of my soul & the doctrine behind God’s commandments. I’ve learned about how I really CAN achieve anything that I put my mind to. However in the past three weeks as I’ve studied Christ, His life, His ministry, & His attributes, I learned more about my weaknesses than I have in the past year. Talk about a reality check. I was telling Sister B the other day that if I had been able to see all the weaknesses I have a year ago, it would have scared me to death & I would pretend they weren’t there. Now, though? They encourage me to try harder & be better. I’m almost hungry for things I can improve on. (This is not permission for you to send me an onslaught of things you find wrong with me. I still gots feels.) I’ve been very humbled the past week.

I got to go have a sleepover with Sister Miller. We literally chased someone down so we could share the gospel with him. He was a pizza delivery guy & we helped him find the apartment he was looking for. Or at least that’s what we told ourselves. Sister Miller is really great. I always end up with the best, most charitable, non judgmental Sister Training Leaders ever (shout out to S Mackay FINISH STRONG💪🏻) I just really needed my time with Sis Miller this week to literally run from door to door sharing our testimonies with French atheists.

We had a bajillion hour long service project on New Year’s Eve where we helped the YMCA. We manned the sledding hill (YES WITH SNOW; YES IT MELTED VERY QUICKLY☀️🔥) & the bouncy house. Maybe we tested out both activities. Maybe we didn’t. They lit off fireworks at 6:30 & the senior couple in Gville brought a bunch of blankets & we all felt like normal young single adults on New Year’s Eve for a second, other than the fact that we were all in church dress & there were two 60 year-olds sitting between the elders & sisters. But other than that, it was exactly the same. It couldn’t have been any better. We ended the night at our ward mission leader’s house where we drank Martenelli’s & talked bout bizniz.

We had Sister Willingham Ward Missionary come out with us for SIX HOURS one day! We visited a bunch of people that are generally way too far away for us to visit on our own. One of which is a less active who was so happy to see us & introduced us to his son that’s not a member. He invited over for dinner in two weeks so we could meet his non-member wife because he feels like their family needs the gospel. Miracles!

We spent a lot of time with the Bowrings this week & I really just love them. I could believe that they are the reason I am supposed to be here in Gainesville. Their faith & determination to do what is right inspires me.
“I’ll be touching it with my spiritual essence!”
“….we call that the priesthood….”
“It’s a new body lotion! Spiritual Essence!”💃🏼

They say harrible & aranges because they’re from jersey. Those yanks.

Whoo. I am tired, y’all. Talk about wasting & wearing out your life for the gospel, amiright?

But it’s all worth it. We were teaching Sherry the restoration again this week & when the first vision was brought up, she said, “ya know, God in the bible says that too…this is my beloved son, in who I am well pleased….💡💡💡💡💥 I GET IT. I KNOW WHY I NEED TO BE BAPTIZED. I NEED TO BE BAPTIZED BECAUSE THATS WHAT JESUS CHRIST DID”

Bless her heart, I love her so much. I’d be 200x more tired than I am now for moments like that, any day.

Peace & love, friends.
Happy New Year. ✌🏻️


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