I’m Just Happy, Okay?

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I could tell you about the mission wide Christmas party & how Sister Craig & I hugged & cried for like, 10 minutes.

Or I could tell you about the insane drama of one of our investigators.

Or I could tell you about the power of the Book of Mormon that is influencing a family so greatly that they are coming back to activity or the first time in many years.

Or I could tell you about the sleepover that I had with Sister Bolos that changed my mission.

Instead, I will share a brief miracle.

It seems like no one wants to talk to us here. This is my first area like this. On our trade off this week, sister B & Miller stayed in GV2 while I went to the YSA branch with Sister Bolos. They made a goal to find a new investigator to be baptized. The next day, they told us about a girl they met named Kathryn. The experience they described with her seemed luke-warm to me. But we had another appointment with her on Sunday, so I was excited to meet her.

Kathryn calls Sunday morning before church. Surely she is cancelling. As per usual. Nope. She’s asking if we can come later that night, due to her baby’s sleep schedule. Awesome. Great.

We’re at the Fogleman’s house for dinner. Their ten year old is speaking in Portuguese & playing Called to Serve on the cello. I suddenly realize I’m the least intelligent person there. The Fogleman’s are telling us about their amazing story of coming to FL from Vernal, Utah & how they wanted to be able to feel the same missionary spirit they felt on their missions. So they moved somewhere where there was missionary work to be done. We ask Sister Fogleman if she will go to the lesson with us at 8:30. She surprisingly says yes on such short notice.

We knock on Kathryn’s door. She opens it with a big HELLO,HEY,HOWAREYA??!! She has bright red hair & is wearing Mormon modest clothes. Her house smells like Christmas & I feel the Holy
Ghost there with us, excited to double testify to our testimonies. Kathryn talks & invites us to sit at her table where her bible is open next to the Book of Mormon & a notepad filled with questions she had while reading the introduction. We start talking about prophets & she tells us how it’s confusing how there are so many churches. Sister Fogleman is bearing strong testimony & teaching like she just took off her black tag yesterday. What a woman. Kathryn is writing things down as we answer her questions about the Native Americans & Joseph Smith. We talk of Christ & rejoice in Christ. Kathryn says she will be baptized if that’s what God wants for her. We assure her that that’s EXACTLY what God wants for her. She says the closing prayer & it’s beautiful.

I remembered what being a missionary is all about this week. Not from that one moment, but all the little moments fitting together to create an spiritual exercise Heavenly Father designed specifically for me.

I know Christ lives. I know Joseph smith was the prophet God called to help restore His priesthood keys to the earth. I know that EVERYTHING
(pride, wealth, time) is worth giving up to be close to the Savior.

Merry Christmas

Sister Aure


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