Have u sent me a Christmas package yet?

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This week was a week just like any other.


I’m hopped up on a whole lotta things that Sis B gave me saying, “here, take these” so sorry if I ramble a lot & don’t make any sense at all. My mind has been foggy since Tuesday when I called Sister Craig, in exhausted almost tears, “I’m trying! I’m trying really hard! I just can’t!” & she pulled a classic Sister Craig & said, “What the heck are you trying so hard for?! Go get some rest!” So that’s what I did. Our DL Elder Welsh offered earlier that day to give me a blessing, so I finally took him up on the offer. He came over with some chap I don’t remember the name of & gave me the most inspired, beautiful blessing of my entire life, right behind my patriarchal blessing. There is no way that men in this church do not hold the priesthood authority of God. Elder Welsh spoke about things he would know nothing about unless he was reading my letters home to friends & family. It was amazing. The most amazing part is when he said, “As the scriptures say, ‘Take up thy bed & walk’, for this illness will leave you immediately.” In a span of ten minutes, I went from an aching pile of tears & snot & phlegm lying on the floor, to a semi functioning sister missionary that was more than able to attend the lessons we had scheduled for that night. This was a moment I will never forget. It really made me recommit myself to marrying someone who is 110% worthy to hold & use his priesthood so my children can experience sacred moments, such as those, often.

But like I said, I’ve still been sick. Just no longer debilitatingly
sick. 🙌🏿 #praise


Last week we bumped into this guy named Kevin THATTALKSLIKETHISANDSUDDENLYWEARWTALKINGABOUTHISDOGANDNOWSUDDWNLYWEARETALKINGABOUTWENDYSANDMAYONAISEANDITSHALFANHOURLATERANDNEITHEROFUSHAVESAIDASINGLEWORDANDWHATISHAPPENINGNOWHESTALKINGABOUTMARCHINGBAND & also he’s the best & believes the gospel is truer than most members do. & he has six kids. & they all want to be baptized. & theeeeeeeen there’s mom. Who doesn’t & kind of is throwing every piece of anti at Kevin & he’s deflecting it all like a ninja in a Jackie Chan movie AINT NOTHIN GONNA BREAK HIS STRIDE. but he really loves his wife & won’t get baptized without her. So. Say prayers her heart will become soft & squishy & full of the Mormon love.

We spent thanksgiving in three different member’s home & topped it off at my grandparent’s best friend’s farm eating my weight in candied yams, while successfully avoiding eating any turkey or pumpkin pie. Ten points for Slytherin. & Kevin was there talking to everyone about everything & i’ve never wanted anything in my whole life as much as I want him to get baptized.

I am grateful.

We had a mini-mission this weekend with our bishop’s daughter who clearly pays way more attention in seminary than I ever did. We had a blast & it was AWESOME to see Sister Breckenridge take her under her wing & teach her how to be a great missionary. It was like missionary training inception. A trainer training a trainer training a 16 year old. So, we had a blast. It was so fun to have a little sleepover for one night. I love the people in this ward so much already!!  How do I get blessed with the best wards in the mission?!

I applied for a post mish job today & put  “made this resume from scratch” as one of my achievements on my resume. I feel like my chances are good.

I’m so glad I’m here. I know I don’t say that neeeeaaarly enough but I really just can’t think of any other way to describe it. It’s the best thing I have ever done. These places & these people & this gospel is shaping my soul.

Ain’t nothin’ but a God thing.

Sister Aure


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