365 Days


2nd cleanest car in the mission!


“Day five:

Today was Sunday. I feel like I learned more about my purpose as missionary & a member of this church. I really love everyone in my district. Or District Leader, Elder Stanley, is an 18 year old that just loves us so much & tries so hard to make us know how important we are. He reminds me of Ethan. We walked around the temple & it snowed today. I was able to sing in choir & I realized how much I miss it. Music is such a huge blessing. I am blessed & I am loved.”

That was my journal entry for November 23, 2014. A year ago today, I was in the emptysea. A year ago on the 19th I woke up from sleeping solo in a room for the last time in a long time, put on my favorite skirt, & met my family downtown for breakfast. I couldn’t eat the awesome breakfast I ordered because I was too nervous. I said goodbye to my sister (not knowing that the next time I would see her, she would have a baby in her arms…congrats, Sethica!!) & my cutie dad (who drove away in my car….I hope Nuke is still doing alright & is getting excited to see me. Hopefully I can remember how to drive a standard). I drove with my mom & step dad to Orem where we dropped off a card to my previous place of employment & listened to John Denver for the last time in a long time. We then proceeded to the Provo temple to take some of “those” pictures. I said goodbye to mom & Scott & said hello to a sister that was mad that I wasn’t crying like she was her first day.

Serving on a mission for the Lord has literally been the 19283938382% best decision I’ve ever made in my entire existence, next to deciding to follow Heavenly Father’s plan & receive a body by coming here to this earth. Every experience since that day has shaped & changed me. I have a testimony of obedience to His commandments. I trust in His timing. I LOOOOOOOOOVE the Book of Mormon. My teaching skills have increased ten fold. My organizational/planning skills leave little to be desired (can you believe I keep a clean room & make my bed now, mom?) I understand my worth & know what to expect from those that understand it as well. I love my Savior. I love His gospel. I love this mission.

This week was amazing. I met some awesome members of the ward & we bikes at least one million miles. We met so many new investigators & less actives that we are excited to start working with. I got sick yesterday. Right on cue with being sick exactly a year ago in the emptysea. Hopefully it’s not as debilitating as it was last time. Right now it just feels like my throat is being rubbed by sandpaper at all times. Nothin I can’t handle.

My favorite miracle happened on Thursday. We were biking around on the main road when we see this guy hanging out of his car window yelling,
“SISTERS! SIIISSSTEEEERRRSSS…!!!” We turn around (I have no idea who it is because I still don’t know anybody) & it’s Brother Christensen. He starts telling us that his home teachee, Sister Bowring, just called him wondering if he knew where we were or how she could get ahold of us. (Sister R, you ain’t the only trainee that leaves the phone at home😘) Apparently she had signed up for dinner that night & we had no idea! Bro Christensen just HAPPENED to be the person she called & just HAPPENED to be driving past us at that exact moment. So she came & picked us up & we had the best night of fish tacos ever. Sister Bowring is great. She’s a plane pilot, horse riding/owning, Harley riding, nurse. & she’s hilarious. A kindred spirit for sure.

We had zone conference this week & President & Sister Craig had inspired trainings as per usual. My favorite thing that president said this time was, “If you don’t have a goal when you wake up in the morning, you might as well go back to bed!” I have goals for lessons, & weeks & stuff, but rarely do I have personal daily, or even hourly, goals.

I’m so grateful  to have another Thanksgiving on a mission. What a blessing this experience has been for me. I hope each & every single one of you are having the missionaries over for dinner sometime this week!! & you better not feed them any of Nana’s creamed corn…if I can’t have it, no one can!


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