Sister Breckenridge


Biking 4ever with my new comp, Sister Breckinridge


I’m in Gainesville! Is it as weird for you as it is for me? Of course it’s not. It doesn’t make any difference to you. Unless you’re a mission friend. Than it might.

So Gainesville is in the middle of the state. It’s the second biggest city that our mission covers. It has a very popular school, UF in its boundaries, so the YSA missionaries are in my new district. & so is sister Bolos! You may remember her as my emptysea companion. Everyday that I’ve been able to see her so far has been the best day. Also holla at mah main gurl sister Miller whom I have been obsessed with serving with for the past 6 months because of two words she said to me once during the madness of my emergency transfer to Dunn. So that’s a blast. Finally sisters to hang out with. Finally. FINALLY.

Elder Welsh, who was in Mandarin 2nd with me, is my district leader. He’s been a zone leader/ assistant for the past forever, so he’s a little rusty on the DL responsibilities. Like last night, for instance. When I first came out, our District Leaders would call us to get our weekly numbers to report, but about 10 months ago it got switched so our Sister Training Leaders call the sisters. So last night, we get a call from elder Welsh. “Hey, Sisters, I’m just calling to get your numbers.” “Oh…okay… that….for district meeting…?” “No, it’s for the weekly report.” “OH! Ha! That’s so cute. It’s been so long since you’ve been a district leader!” “……the sisters do that now don’t they.” “YUP!” “..well…I’m figuring this thing out…grumble grumble….bye.”


Not to mention he texted a number that wasn’t our number so we didn’t find out about district meeting until 30 minutes before it started.
It’s fine.


ALSO! I’m in a car share for the first time! Which means we only have the car half the week & the rest of the week, we are on bikes. That has resulted in the neighborhoods near our home to be over saturated with former investigators because sisters are lame & wont bike over a mile. The area book was atrocious  when I got here, so we’ve been spending a lot of our free time cleaning it up so we can actually use it effectively. In doing so, we found that two giant chucks at the top of our ward boundaries have never been tracted in the history of ever. So guess what we will be doing for the next five weeks?!


Now. My new companion’s name is Sister Breckenridge. She is from Driggs, Idaho. She did rodeo, volleyball, softball, swim, & other things I know nothing about in high school. She studied at BYU-I for two years doing pre-recs for nursing. & this is only her second transfer as a missionary! Usually trainers & trainees will stay together for the whole “12 week training program”, but Heavenly Father felt like we needed to be together for the last 6 weeks of hers! So I’m a step-mom! & sister Randle, you have a half-sister! (Miss you, boo☹️😘) she’s awesome & loves & wants to work hard. We have a great vision for our area! I haven’t met a lot of our investigators, apparently we’ve got three on for bap date, so hopefully that goes well. Two little black brothers, just like in my last area. & Tony.

Gainesville 2 is AMAZING so far. It reminds me a lot of the beach ward. The members we’ve met are STELLAR missionaries & have both feet firmly planted in the gospel. I’m still definitely in a little bit of culture shock coming from Dunn, but this will be a great, different  experience here. & fun fact my grandparent’s best friends live in this ward with one of their sons that my mom used to babysit when she was a teenager. Nana, they told me a funny story about how they got y’all free flights to Hawaii & you were going to provide a free condo on one of the islands that one of your family members owned….& the condo ended up being in London, England!! Lol. “That’s just like Sandy…” Brother Anderson said. They are having us over for dinner later this week. Richard Marsh’s parents are in the stake & stake conference was this weekend, so I got to see them too! The world is so small, but it’s even smaller when you’re a Mormon.

So that’s my week in a nutshell. My new duplex is swag, but my feet
get cold on our hardwood floors. #1stworldprobs #eatitjaxeast

I’m loving being a missionary & I can’t wait to see what the Lord has
in store for us here.

Sister Aure


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