Gainesville’s Got No Soul


a last few golden moments of last p day.

This week was really fun. Being a missionary in general is a good time, but this week seemed to be full of different things.

On Monday, the Spragues invited us over for dinner & FHE. we had tacos with their six adorable “spraguelings”. I was super excited to see how they were going to do this FHE thing, because my family of 5/4 couldn’t even get it together most Monday nights. We sang I am a child of God & the “prayer fairy” (their 5 year old, Lily) picked one of her siblings to pray, & sister Sprague held up a familiar photo of Christ appearing to the Nephites in America. She then asked each of the children (us included) questions to fit our understanding. She asked her 7 year old, how the people felt listening to Christ. She asked her 14 year old where we could a story about this in the scriptures. All in all the lesson lasted about 10 minutes & then we played a game that their 10 year old, Finley,  made called “Kitty Ritten” & I lost because there was literally no way to win unless you drew one very specific card & Finley was hiding it the whole time lol. I learned so much about positive parenting, but more than that, teaching scripture & gospel doctrine in the home. I know that that’s why those kids are so obedient & why the Spragues can handle six of them! They understand what is expected of them, because it’s the same thing that Christ
expects of them. I’m so grateful for the things I get to learn on this mission.

Also, we taught seminary this week! The teacher went out of town & she asked if we could fill in, so of course we said yes. Not because we know ANYTHING about the scriptures their teaching about this year (Old Testament…what…?) but because that’s just what you do as a disciple of Christ. You say yes when people ask you to help & you have the time to spend. Luckily Sister Petersen told us we could teach anything we wanted, so we taught some lessons out of the gospel principles book. These girls are all converts, so they never got the gospel principles lessons, being in young women’s for Sunday school. They said they learned a lot, so that’s good.

You want to be in our seminary class.

You want to be in our seminary class.

Remember the BYU hat wearing guy I caroled to on the 4th of July? He & his wife had us over for dinner this week & we talked all about how they’ve taken all of the lessons before, but haven’t hit quite the right timing for joining the church yet. We love them so much. It is heartbreaking to watch their struggles, knowing that if they would jump in with both feet into the world of the restoration, their burdens would become light & their problems would seem smaller through sacred ordinances. Agency, man. It kills ya as a missionary.

On Sunday during ward council, our bishop was reading a report that he had received from the temple in Orlando that week. He started talking about how when the ft Lauderdale temple had opened a few years ago, it took a lot of the load off of the Orlando temple, so they assumed it would take awhile to get it back to the capacity it was. Bishop started tearing up as he read from the report that all of the Saturday baptism slots were maxed out & that they could no longer accommodate walk ins or scheduled times outside of the regular schedule. North Florida had been praying for a temple for so long. What this means to the members is that they are one step closer to having those saving ordinances closer than 4 hours away. What a blessing it will be when that happens. Because it will.

We did some service at a different farm this week. I cut off a chicken’s head & ate rabbit that was marinated in applesauce & apricots. Yum.

In other, other news, I will be leaving Dunn Avenue, my new Best Companion Friend, & the JAX East Stake entirely. Tomorrow, I will be heading to Gainesville to finish a sister’s training in the Gainesville 2nd ward. I have many many mixed emotions, I’m a little nervous to be so far away from the city I’ve loved & lived in for the past year, but I know the Lord wants me there. I am excited to find out why. Also, I’ve always wanted to go to Gainesville since hearing Go Radio’s “Your Song”. Take a listen to that this week for me, will ya?

One last photo of my favorite district so far.

One last photo of my favorite district so far.

So here I go. Off to a very unknown adventure to place I know very little about. God is at the helm & we are to trust in His orders that He gives to His servants.

I LOVE being a missionary.

Sister Aure

P.S. Shout out to Sister Randle’s dad for being born in Gainesville.🙌🏿



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