2 #Blessed 2 b stressed

Yesterday was a stressful day. For missionaries, Sundays are generally the best & the worst. The best, because we get to see less actives & investigators come to church, because we get to partake of the sacrament, because we get to spend three hours with people we really really love, & because the dinners are usually always the best on Sundays. The worst, because sometimes no one you’re expecting to come, comes, because your mind is to focused on who is where & when are they going to get here to think think about the Savior as much as you would like to, because everybody is pulling you in a million different directions & you have to go to choir practice, ward council, all of your regular meetings, plus give a talk in sacrament, plus share a message in Young women’s, then go to a second choir practice, then go to dinner with a member & find a ride home from dinner, and STILL find enough time to do three hours of study & accomplish all of your weekly goals by doing an hour of finding & teaching two recent converts or less actives. BIG BREATH.

Then it’s Monday. But not until you’ve done all of your lesson reports, called in your numbers to the Sister Training Leaders, texted President about your goals, planned for the next day, written a letter to president about the week, & brushed your teeth, said your prayers, & turned off the light.


So you see why I, the most naturally stressed out person in the entire world, might get a little stressed out about Sunday. But I love it. I live for it. I can’t imagine life not being so fast paced & go, go, go all of the time. We are never wasting a second. I wanted to paint a picture for you of yesterday, because of a moment we had that only lasted about 7 minutes, but made all of that crazy worth it. After we had found a ride from dinner to choir practice where we listened to the elders try to learn the same notes for an hour straight, we jumped in the car with Sister Mills. She is our ward choir director & just the sweetest, most tender human being. When we got in, she pulled out a giant collection of CD’s that had every single song in the hymn book in it. She asked us to choose something, & I chose Christmas songs. Now, don’t get started with me & how it’s not even Halloween yet, because I just don’t care. There is a spirit that Christmas hymns bring that cannot be brought any other way. & that’s what happened. We all just started crying in the middle of a screechy, way too loud, & way too enthusiastic verse of “Away in a Manger”. The spirit reminded me of why I’m doing what I’m doing. If I could have chose to be anywhere in the world, doing anything else, I still would have chosen to be right there. It was beautiful.

In other news, the Fluffies–sorry, I mean, Laura, Sister Randle, & I all gave talks in sacrament meeting. It was really fun. I just felt like I was at a party with my two besties the whole time. & there’s your sign about how Mormon I have become.

We had zone meeting this week which was great. It’s always a good time. Plus we have a new sister training leader & a new zone leader, so it was exciting to watch them sweat & stumble over their words during their trainings. It’s always interesting to me to see the difference in confidence levels between a leader’s first big training & their second. Some sort of Magic Ju Ju goes on between that time which helps them gain +200 confidence & about 2 years on their maturity level. At least in front of the curtain.

I love the missionaries we serve with. Although Sister Randle & I love each other VERY much, sometimes we get a little sad when the elders  get to hang out with other elders all of the time & the closest sisters to us live half an hour away. But our elders very considerate & let us hang out with them on pday. Anyway, we’ve kinda had a bummer week for a couple reasons, & one night after a lesson, we’re picking our car up from the church, to see it had been covered with oranges & pecans. It had a little bitty note on it that said, “Here are the FRUIT of your labors!-The Elders”. What a little tender mercy they were a part of that night. Even though, I would much rather the fruit of our labor be baptisms, nuts & citrus come in a close second.

We almost thought we were getting asked to Prom again

We almost thought we were getting asked to Prom again

They take us out once a week. This week, we chose Longhorn!!

They take us out once a week. This week, we
chose Longhorn!!

Buddy the Goat my new bff

Buddy the Goat my new bff

Yesterday we had a less active couple come to church that hasn’t been to church in foreeevveeerrrrr!!! The grandparents of the little girl we’ve been teaching lately. Although I have only been witness to one baptism, I have been witness to 6 full reactivations of people who had not been attending church for one reason or another. We are all called the same work, but we’re not all expected to do the same job, I guess. You could say I’m super grateful to be here, but that would be an understatement. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. I’ll probably just submit my papers again the week after I get home. I will become a career missionary. I feel like that’s how long it would take to get this whole thing figured out, anyway: forever.

I love you & am trying to forgive you for not sending me any mail even though I asked for some two weeks ago. I know y’all got lives n stuffs.

Have an awesome Halloween & invite a nonmember to your ward’s trunk or treat!!!

🎃🎃sister aure👻💀


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