Super Size Me

Yesterday marks a year since I went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple¬†with my friends & family to receive endowments from my Heavenly Father¬†that would help me tremendously on the mission I’m serving. What a¬†special day that was & how grateful I am that Heavenly Father has¬†given us temples yet again, just as He did in ancient times.

Temple Time last week

Temple Time last week

This week was fun! It always is with Sister Randle. Yesterday we were¬†looking at the training schedule, & there were only four weeks left!!!¬†I cannot believe it has been so long. + it makes me a little sad,¬†because trainers usually leave their trainees after the 12 weeks. I’m¬†not ready for that!!

Playing cards last week.

Playing cards last week.

I had a chunk taken out of my leg this week! I had a biopsy! It was¬†scary, but mostly because of what it looked like afterwards. (Don’t¬†worry, parents. It’s not actually a chunk, more like a little circle¬†the size of an ibuprofen pill) we also had a lesson with someone who I¬†have probably talked about before….she’s an inactive woman that we¬†meet with every Wednesday at 11am. When I first got here, she was¬†talking about how she felt like she didn’t know anything or understand¬†the scriptures. Since then, she has read & understand many a¬†scriptures & she thoroughly understands the first two missionary¬†lessons! It has been a miracle to watch her attitude towards
everything change as th e Book of Mormon had become an important part¬†of her life. AND GUESS WHAT, SHE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY AND PLAYED¬†THE PIANO IN RELIEF SOCIETY. it was a miracle. She was talking to old¬†friends as though she’d never been gone. Ugh. Just so neat. I sure¬†love her.

I’m singing in a trio with Elder Day in my ward & the elder’s quorum¬†president in two weeks. We’re singing Come Thou Fount. Hopefully it¬†sounds good. I’m the only one that can read music & I’m still not¬†quite as patient as I would like to be, especially on fast Sunday. So¬†practice yesterday was a little rough. They’re both naturally great
singers though, so it should be fine.

Also best Sunday ever will be next Sunday because Sister Randle,¬†Laura, & I will all be speaking in sacrament meeting. Laura is the¬†stake young women’s secretary. We are all speaking on different¬†general conference talks. We’ve thrown around some different ideas of¬†what we could do, including a round table discussion on our topics,
each of us getting up & sharing our ponderize scripture of the week then sitting down with 40 minutes still left on the clock, etc. needless to say, it will be a great meeting.

I wore my baggy boyfriend jeans to pull some weeds this week (because¬†yes, it’s finally cooling down enough to wear pants some days) & they¬†fit like skinny jeans, so that was a little depressing. Just pretend¬†I’m skinnier than I was before I left, when I get home, ‘aight?

image1 (3)

We had some unfortunate, uncontrollable situations occur, so that we¬†no longer have two baptism dates. They are both still getting¬†baptized, but they will not be “our” baptisms. We have been praying &¬†fasting for a baptism for months. We’ve even been on a music¬†sabbatical, only listening to MoTab until we get a baptism. That has
been the worst of all. I can only listen to the same three CD’s so¬†many times, ya know? If you can spare the prayer, please pray that we¬†will find someone that’s ready for the gospel that can be baptized by¬†11/7/15. That’s the last day they can be before transfers!

I know this church is true, blah blah blah. You’ve heard it all¬†before. What do YOU have faith in? What gets YOU through the day when¬†times get tough? I wanna know.

Love you a million, whoever you are.

-Sister A


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