Happy Fall, Y’all🍂🍁🍂

You may or may not know that before I left for my mission, there were two different periods in my life when I had a warrant out for my arrest. I’ve become really good at writing things down to remember them, so don’t worry. There will be no forgetting to pay traffic ticket violations in my future. Well, in the past 5 weeks, we’ve had two run ins with the cops. The first time was Sister Randle’s…second week? We were tracting aka knocking on stranger’s doors. We were talking to people about family history. I was catching lots of geckos. It was approximately 8:50 PM. A cop pulls up beside us. He shines his bright light in our eyes. “Is that your white Chevy parked up there?” “Yes…”, I say embarrassed that I was caught driving a Chevy Cruze. “What are y’all doing out here?” “Talking about family history to people!” Slightly less embarrassed this time, but not by much. “Alright…..well….be safe. Someone called us about that car.” Then he drove away. FAST FORWARD TO LAST NIGHT. We are walking back to our car after a successful golden hour of tracting. It’s 9:00 PM. A cop zooms past us & starts shining his spotlights in the bushes. They turn around & slowly roll up to us with the window down. “Didn’t I see you two the other week?” “Oh yeah, hey!! Did someone call us in again?” We ask. “Yeah. You’ve gotta stop parking your car in shady places & start sharing Jesus during the day time, alright?” Then he speeds off. I love being a missionary.

I know my last three emails have been revolving around my halfway mark & this is the last one, don’t worry. You know how nostalgic I get. THAT hasn’t changed about me. Anyway, we do not have a temple in our mission. The closest temple is in Orlando, about 3 1/2 hours south of Jacksonville. For everyone’s half way mark & right before they go home, we get to go to the temple with senior couples & the Craigs. I got to ride down with the Winters. Y’all have already heard a million things about them. & Sister Jensen was there because she’s going home on Friday! It was really fun. I forgot how much I love the temple. How beautiful, pure, & holy it is. What an amazing day it was to take part in an endowment of spiritual gifts for one of Sister Bolos’ deceased ancestors. (She was my EmptySea comp if you don’t remember.) we were able to enter a sealing room together after it was over & discuss anything we wanted with the temple presidency & the Craigs. While walking into the dressing room, holding a white dress to put on, I got an overwhelming touch of the spirit enter into my soul telling me that Heavenly Father is proud of me. He’s happy about what I’m doing. My actions are pleasing to Him. What a tender mercy. I love the temple &
the sacred experiences we can have in the Lord’s literal house.

The Van

The Van

Everyone at the temple

Everyone at the temple

The Craigs

The Craigs

All the halfway sisters!

All the halfway sisters!

We’ve been teaching some amazing people & have some new investigators.
I’ll keep you updated if anything happens there.

President Craig asked me to sing for the Why I Believe fireside that our stake was having. It is where missionaries bring members & non members to hear recent converts share their story & testimonies. It was powerful. Sister Winter picked out a beautiful song by Hillary Weekes called Still Believe. Jason (Laura’s co worker) even came with his wife!!

OKAY BUT HOW AMAZING WAS GENERAL WOMEN’S CONFERENCE. Growing up, I never watched conference, or anything, at the church. Always for the convenience of my couch. But ever since conference last spring, I have decided that I’m going to watch it in a church building every opportunity I get. The spirit is SO strong, the distractions are gone, & I can focus on what Heavenly Father wants  me to know. Plus it’s a lot harder to fall asleep….😊 I would invite all of you to give it a try for at least one session this conference. My favorite talk was by Sister Linda Reeves about the dangers of pornography FOR WOMEN. those poor priesthood men that have been getting railed about it for years. Well, it’s a disease for the entire race, not just the male gender. So it was refreshing for the first time, in church history I think, for there to be a talk to the women about how to avoid & recover from it.

Sister Randle & I are here again together for one more transfer at least. Yay!!! Which means we’ll be here for trunk or treat. Which means we can dress up for Halloween. Which means we need to dress our car up for Halloween. Which means our car needs to be better than the elders’. Game on.

We’re in this together. Never forget it. The members are where the miracles happen in missionary work. Don’t waste any time missing out on it.


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