Q: how many missionaries does it take to change a lightbulb?

Okay, so sorry about the lack of substance to my email last week. It’s been a lil’ cray latelayyy.

As I mentioned before, I am training this transfer. Following is a few random facts about Sister Randle.

She’s from Salt Lake City (Holladay), Utah

She attended the U before coming out (in other words, we can be friends)

She filmed a documentary about quidditch once

She’s my soulmate.

She’s a member of a sorority (don’t tell her I told you, she’s so embarrassed about it)

She hates bananas

She’s been to Haiti three times to volunteer at her father’s non-profit

She is allergic to cats

She is 19 years old. Per usual.

New trainee, Sis. Randall

New trainee, Sis. Randle

We have a blast. I was worried to train because I have gotten to the point, where it think I would almost rather have a companion that already knows how to be a missionary, then get to manipulate someone to look & act exactly like me. It turned out to be something I didn’t even have to worry about. She’s got everything down pat already. She’s not weird, she doesn’t cry everyday from being homesick, & she’s been able to tell me about odd trends that have been going on since I’ve been a gone. An entire minion movie? Seriously????

We’ve been able to meet a lot of people this week, but the normal people I talk about have been unavailable this week, so there’s nothing really new to report there….EXCEPT. Ya know Crissy & her girls? Well, they’re moving over by where we live this week into her sisters house. Who happens to be married to a member. & they happen to have been attending a neighboring ward for over a year. & she loves the church. So. The miracles with this family just keep on coming.

Faulkner kids. Recent converts that we work with every week.

Faulkner kids. Recent converts that we work with every week.

Random facts about me:

I’ve been a pretty avid sleeptalker for the past five or so months.

It’s turned into me sleepwalking & turning the A/C up to 85 degrees

I have an unexplainable rash on my leg that I will be going to the doctor’s for tomorrow.

There’s something wrong with my eye so I can’t wear contacts. For right now at least.

I’ve started learning how to crochet! I’m making a hot pad in my free time.

I lost & found both my PMG & Book of Mormon in the span of last week.

I love fried pickles.

I have a million skirts & like…10 shirts. Donations welcome. As well as Ross gift cards.

I am learning so much about the gift of the Holy Ghost rn.

I haven’t got a letter from someone back home in over a month.

I am 18372920283%%% gr8ful to be a missionary for my lord & savior Jesus Christ.


The girls at CattyShack + a lion in the background

A: Two! But the lightbulb has to want to change first.

Sis Aure


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