Seriously, this week has been one giant miracle after one giant miracle. I cannot wait to be able to share all of the stories I have first hand with you instead of trying to cover every detail in one measly email every week. At the same time, I can wait. I can definitely wait.

First off, it was the end of the month, so we got to ride our bikes a lot! Which I LOVE. At the end of the day, it makes me feel like I accomplished more because I’m more tired. Wtvr. I just really like riding my bike, okay? So, we got to ride on highway a lot, which meant we saw a lot of squished raccoons…and opossums…and squirrels….and cats….AND I SAW A SQUISHED ALLIGATOR, THAT’S RIGHT, WELCOME TO FLORIDA.


Looking a hot mess after biking forever. Also, I'm so proud of that tan line

Looking a hot mess after biking forever. Also, I’m so proud of that tan line

Last weekend, our car kept dying. All the time. Every time we would turn it off. Luckily, there was always someone around to jump it for us. Also, lucky me I had a car in high school that did that any time it was below 20 degrees, so I had lots of practice. Well, one time we had went all the way out in the backwoods farming country for a lesson…like, had to drive down a dirt road off the main road, to get to their road. WELL. our car died again. With not a soul in sight. We tried it a couple times. Nothing. We did what any normal Mormon would do, & said a prayer, asking Heavenly Father to help us in this unfortunate situation. After we said “Amen”, Sister Coutts slowly turned the ignition…we heard some gurgling….& then the engine turned over. The car had started. If we didn’t believe in a Supreme Creator, it would have been in-explainable.
Don’t worry, we got a new battery the next day!
Pday with Laura!

Pday with Laura!

All the bridges in Jacksonville in miniature form!!‏

All the bridges in Jacksonville in miniature form!!‏

We had lunch with President & Laura & her co-worker Jason. So, this is the guy that’s read the whole Book of Mormon, Journal of Discourses, D&C, & is now working on General Conference talks. But he very distinctly believes in the baptist faith. He doesn’t believe the Book of Mormon is inspired scripture. Last week we talked about how he really wants to be an honorary Mormon, so we told him he could be, IF he stopped taking the Lord’s name in vain. Pretty sweet deal, I must say. It was mostly a joke though, & we didn’t think much else of it. I also shared with him this quote from Jesus the Christ that I read that morning. (Best book EVER. if you haven’t read it, start today),

“It is well to know that prayer is not compounded of words, words that may fail to express what one desires to say, words that so often cloak inconsistencies, words that may have no deeper source than the physical organs of speech, words that may be spoken to impress mortal ears. The dumb may pray, and that too with the eloquence that prevails in heaven. Prayer is made up of heart throbs and the righteous yearnings of the soul, of supplication based on the realization of need, of contrition and pure desire. If there lives a man who has never really prayed, that man is a being apart from the order of the divine in human nature, a stranger in the family of God’s children. Prayer is for the uplifting of the suppliant. God without our prayers would be God; but we without prayer cannot be admitted to the kingdom of God. So did Christ instruct: “your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.””

Well, this week we get together & he shares with us that he’s made a decision to try & stop swearing. Not just the Lord’s name. & then he told us that he shared that quote with his wife…& he’s planning on sharing with his pastor. There was a change in him. Ever so slight, but still noticeable. We were happy to have President there to talk about priesthood authority with him. He brought the fact that in the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 11, when Jesus Christ came to the Americas, the first thing he did, wasn’t heal the sick….or share the beatitudes….or perform miracles. The first thing he did when he visited the Native Americans on this continent was given is righteous disciples the power & authority of God. Then he showed them the correct way to baptize….using that authority,. Then the proper way to bless & administer the sacrament….using that authority. That authority from God is SO vital if you want to be baptized into HIS church & carry HIS name. It was a great lesson.

Our lesson with the Letelliers was PHENOMENAL. Brother Mike is so close. They even made southern supper for us with smoked ribs, creamed corn, potato salad, & the most amazing baked beans that rival my mother’s. My heart bursts every time I think about that couple, I love them so much. I feel & know in my heart that he will accept this gospel as truth. Just say lots of prayers that he will decide to attend church with us soon.

Sunday was just one giant miracle. Have mercy. It was fast Sunday, which is always the best Sunday. There was a woman there that said she had been attending the Arlington ward across the river for about a year with her three kids, but that she just moved down the street….and that none of them are baptized….and that she wants to become a member with her children. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. I literally can’t even.

8 year old Stanley drew this picture of me & hates having his picture taken. He gave me the biggest, sweetest hug as I was leaving.

8 year old Stanley drew this picture of me & hates having his picture taken. He gave me the biggest, sweetest hug as I was leaving.

A small portion of the Letelliers beautiful backyard

A small portion of the Letelliers beautiful backyard

Beautiful Florida

Beautiful Florida

Living & loving this gospel is the ONLY way we can find happiness, not only in this life, but in the eternities. I know this with my whole soul. I know this, because every time I open my mouth & share with people that there is church today that has Christ at it’s helm, led by modern day prophets & apostles, the Holy Spirit burns inside my heart. This is so real that it hurts. If your soul has yet to sing the song of redeeming love, I suggest you open the Book of Mormon & get to work. I promise you the Holy Ghost will witness these truths to you too.

-Sister Aure


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