I feel like I always know exactly what I’m going to say in this email ALLLLLLL week, & then I get here & I’m totally blank.

& I just typed a bunch of stuff out that just disappeared. It seems as if I’m having a stupor of thought. Maybe I’m not supposed to share about my week…
I’ll share about my week in form of categories.
Flora & Fauna:
A lizard jumped off of our car on the freeway & we caught it on film.
A giant locust hatched in our car that looked like a nether-worldly monster.
I petted all of the flea ridden kittens & dogs
I got stabbed & sliced by a plant.
I almost caught an armadillo!
I fed a horse!


Our lesson with Laura’s co worker went really well this week. Sometimes I forget that even when people are really smart about worldly things, that doesn’t automatically mean they’re apt spiritually. So we kind of started over & just shared our favorite scriptures & testimonies with him. The spirit was very present in that busy, bustling Panera Bread. President Craig is going to come with us to see him this week(:

Brother Letellier still won’t come to church because he’s scared we won’t come back…crazy talk! He’s a lot closer though. He gave us a tour of his property & it is BEAUTIFUL. 5 acres of pretty lakes & swamp & gardens & treehouses & bridges. Can’t wait to take each & every single one of you back there someday.

We’ve started meeting with a woman who hasn’t been going to church for awhile. We go & read the Book of Mormon with her. The first day we met her, I shared the story of Abinidi with her & bore my testimony of Christ & shared a scripture about Him from the Book of Mormon. After that, she said, “You know, I think I’m going to start reading the Book of Mormon again.” We were so excited! She’s been reading on her own & decided to start on the last book, because so many times we start at the beginning and lose steam….then start at the beginning again….so she’s mixing it up a little cause she said she’s read the beginning too many times! I love finding new, fun ways to study.


We had a Pioneer Day Celebration on Saturday!! It was a lot of fun. Everyone helped make Dutch oven meals….& I shook a lot of cream for a long time & made butter! They had a wagon making contest….the High Priest Group won!

There is a senior missionary couple that goes to our ward, the Schmidts. They used to be missionaries for the ward, but they got moved to the office in Mandarin. They love the Dunn Avenue ward so much though, that they still attend the ward. My very first night in Florida….after I met the Craig’s & almost fell asleep during dinner…the Schmidts picked me up & took me to their apartment. They were the first missionaries I met other than the ones I came in with! I love them very much & it has been a tender mercy to have them in this ward. Well…they are going back home to Arizona very soon, so they gave the cutest, best talk in sacrament meeting about their missionary service. They spoke together…like at the same time. Neither of them served missions in their youth, so this was a new experience for them. Senior missionaries are just as, if not more vital than us youths. If you’re on the fence about serving a senior mission, this is your sign. Do it. Do everything you can to make it happen. Go where the Lord sends you. In the process of your life changing, you will change so many lives.

Dinner with sister Taylor the relief society president, the Schmidts, the senior couples, and our favorite Korean Un Chin!

Dinner with sister Taylor the relief society president, the Schmidts, the senior couples, and our favorite Korean Un Chin!

The Dardens

The Dardens

We get fed here by members nearly every night. Even those with nothing to give, roll out their best for when the missionaries come over. It is truly humbling for so many reasons. Sister Coutts & I are the luckiest sisters in the mission getting to serve here.

We painted some tires this week

We painted some tires this week


We did some organic gardening by painting some old used giant tires for someone’s flower bed.

We did yard work for a woman in our ward whose husband is coming home from deployment for a week! There’s a lot of military in this area.


We toured Laura’s work! Where they make & design & things for prosthetics on the face area. Clearly I learned a lot. I’ll work on my terminology. But it was really cool! There’s three Mormons that work there & between Sister Coutts & I, we know all of them! It was neat to be able to meet so many people & be little billboards for the church. Laura’s had some great missionary opportunities at work. What an inspiration she is to me!

We got a tour of Laura's work where a guy (Pere) from the Mandarin second ward works too!

We got a tour of Laura’s work where a guy (Pere) from the Mandarin second ward works too!

It rained! A lot!

I sweated! A lot!

Oh hey! & remember the couple we carolled to on the 4th? With the BYU hat? We went back to see them & they let us right in. We talked to them for an hour about the struggles their family is seeing right now….and then they brought up temple sealings. They said they’ve talked about it & how it would work with their yours, mine, and ours situation. Luckily, I have a little experience with that, & Sister Coutts’ siblings are both adopted, so together we were maybe able to come up with at least half of an answer. But seriously, who randomly talks about LDS temple sealings with their spouse? They’re so Mormon, they don’t even know it.

Our district went from 8 to 7 to 6 missionaries in the span of 3 weeks.

I’ve started having nightmares about coming home. How is that even possible? However, It is VERY strange to think about how this time next year, I won’t be a full time missionary…but seriously mind, I have 10 months left. Calm down.

What does the Atonement have to do with missionary work? Any time we experience the blessings of the Atonement in our lives, we cannot help but have a concern for the welfare of others. … A great indicator of one’s personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with others.”-Howard W Hunter


Sister Aure


One thought on “Flo-Rida‏

  1. I have been reading through your blog and I love it! I was first directed to it through the Mormon Blog site. I’m sorry, I can’t remember the name of it, and I’m afraid I’ll lose your site if I go back to look for it! Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I noticed it via a side note on it that said Florida, which is where I live. So I clicked on it and found you!
    I live in the Kissimmee Ward (down by Disney). And I have a blog on the site, too. It’s A Pocketful of Joy. And that’s how I try to live my life. The gospel is true. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. You Sisters are doing His work, and you are blessing His children. Thank you for your blog, your service, your love.

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