“Everything About Chik-Fil-A Strengthens My Testimony.”- Sis Coutts‏

I love serving by the city

I love serving by the city

Happy Independence week, everyone!!!

America’s still the best country, even on the other side of it. The highlight of the week was the Fourth of July. Obviously. However, in order to tell this story correctly, we must flashback to my very first day in the mission field. The assistants at the time were Elder Layton & Elder Cordon. They picked us up from the airport & packed most of the sisters into the 12 seater mission van. I went with the right people, because they took the scenic route through downtown, over the big bridge. Which now happens to be the ward I’m serving in. Elder Layton was telling us about how during the Fourth of July, the city has a firework show over the river. I asked what area this was. “Dunn Avenue” thy replied. “What do you think the odds of me serving here for my one & only mission Fourth of July are?” “Very slim. There’s only one set of sisters in that area.”


So, I was so excited all week. I was the 1%. I was one of two sisters serving in this mission that lived in the area of the big firework show. But guess what? It didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like we should be there.

WHAT?!!?? You mean……ugh.

Those were my emotions.

So instead, we caroled. On the 4th of July. Thank you Mr. Mortgous for making us sing the star spangled banner every year in show choir so I had the alto part memorized. It went really well! One family stopped us & said, “We don’t celebrate flag day.” I assumed it was because they were obviously from a different country, but it turned out they were actually Jehovah’s Witness! Whoops! They gave us a bible. It was very nice. My favorite couple we carolled to, however, was the last couple. At 8:45 P.M. A man opened the door & what was on his head? None other than a good ol’ BYU hat! I’d never seen him at church before so after we sang, I (because I don’t have normal social skills anymore) nonchalantly asked, “Hey, so what’s up with your hat?”  Turns out he’s just really into college football & likes the team. His wife gave us some Gatorade, we said a prayer with them, & I shared Alma 48:7-10 with them.

“7 Now it came to pass that while Amalickiah had thus been obtaining power by fraud and deceit, Moroni, on the other hand, had been preparing the minds of the people to be faithful unto the Lord their God.
8 Yea, he had been strengthening the armies of the Nephites, and erecting small forts, or places of resort; throwing up banks of earth round about to enclose his armies, and also building walls of stone to encircle them about, round about their cities and the borders of their lands; yea, all round about the land.
9 And in their weakest fortifications he did place the greater number of men; and thus he did fortify and strengthen the land which was possessed by the Nephites.
10 And thus he was preparing to support their liberty, their lands, their wives, and their children, and their peace, and that they might live unto the Lord their God, and that they might maintain that which was called by their enemies the cause of Christians.”
I love America & I that’s one of the reasons I love the Book of Mormon so much. The Book of Mormon IS ABOUT AMERICA. We shared with these fine folks how God needed a country with religious freedom before He could restore His true gospel to the earth once more. How true that is! So although I didn’t get to see THE fireworks, I did get to see some fireworks. But more importantly, I got to share a book that I love that is about a country that I love. I am so lucky.

God bless America.

The best 4th of July out you'll ever see!!!

The best 4th of July out you’ll ever see!!!

The rest of the week was pretty good. It rained a LOT. so much rain. Thank you for my cute crocs & waterproof bag.

Laura is just the best missionary ever. She gave a Book of Mormon to one of her coworkers & invited him to lunch with us for some “church talk”! He has lots of questions & is meeting with us right now purely for information. But he had such a great time, that he asked to do it again this week. so hopefully we’ll be able to help him think a little more about the things he believes & why he believes them.

I got sick one day & slept in until TEN. I haven’t done that since I was dying in the emptysea. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

So, I’ve been in the same zone my whole mission so far which has been really fun, because I always know at least one person every time I get moved. We had a zone service project where we cleaned garbage from this GIIIIIIAAAAAANT dog park. It was fun. & I got to see all my old companions minus Sister Pasko. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT

Yesterday I, Sister Aure, had the best idea in the world. & by me, I actually mean that the Holy Ghost probs told meh. Humility….humility….I’ll figure it out someday. Since I’ve always been in the mission home Zone (JAX East Zone) I’ve always had a sister that’s going home hang out with us for the day. So we called the assistants & volunteered to take Sister Pasko for the day!! Which is so fun! Because we’ve both been her companion!! & we’re so excited!!!! YAY!!! I can’t believe it’s been 4 1/2 months since I’ve been her companion. & I also can’t believe she is going home! What the heck is life. Too fast, man.

So, yeah. I love this mission, I love this area, & I love America.

Jville pride

Jville pride

You know I love art!

You know I love art!

There’s no other way I’d rather spend celebrating my freedom than being on the most liberating adventure of my life.

Victory hand🏻️

Sister Aure


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