“Keep it; it’s useful.” -Sis A. “You’re useful, but I don’t get to keep you!” -Sis J‏


This week has been crazy! & the best. & crazy. Tuesday was Zone Conference in Mandarin! Zone Conference happens once a quarter. It’s an all day event of President & Sister Craig & sometimes the Assistants to the President giving us trainings and pumping us up & helping us use our time & efforts more effectively. We talked a lot about how we can communicate to ward leaders how they can best help us in our missionary efforts. I was asked to sing a duet with a sister Stitt in the zone. I stressed forever about picking the right song & finally settled on The Iron Rod. Which is kind of weird. Cause that’s not a song normally sung at things. Sister Winter (one of my favorite senior missionaries) picked out a BEAUTIFUL arrangement. We sang it. It was great. & then Sister Craig starts giving a training specifically on the Iron Rod chapter of the Book of Mormon 1 Nephi 8. So inspired. It was crazy. God is in the details, my friend.

Noel is progressing swimmingly. He has a goal to be baptized on the 7th of June, which also happens to be his birthday! We were a little on edge this week because we invited him to go to the YSA branch institute to see if he liked it better over there. We definitely want what’s best for Noel, even if that means saying goodbye and having him attend a different congregation. So we asked him to pray about it & let us know what he thought. On Sunday he attended a baptism with us for the Atlantic Beach congregation that we share a building with. He loved it. He was so excited about it. He told us that he wants to attend church with the JAX Beach wars & that he invited his mom to come to church the following Sunday…and she said yes! This is what it’s all about: letting the gospel catch fire to your soul & lighting other people up with that fire. So we’re really excited about that.

Last week we met this guy named Tommy with twin children. They came to basketball last week & loved it! Who knew people liked basketball this much? It’s been an awesome way for our members to invite their friends to our church building in a non threatening way…and still have fun with them! I wasn’t as good this week. Beginner’s luck, I guess. I hope they have basketball in my new area so I can keep practicing.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT IMPORTANT NOTE: yesterday at approximately 9:35 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, I found out that I will be leaving my ever beloved JAX Beach. After six, beautiful, glorious, short, long months. I cannot even begin to express the amount of love I have this ward & part of the world. Being here has taught me invaluable lessons that I will take with me wherever I go. I learned how to work harder & smarter. I learned how to love bigger & more freely. I learned that it’s okay to let others see your imperfections. I learned that 99.9% of the time, people are a lot cooler & better & nicer than you think they are. I learned that the Lord loves me along with every single one of His brothers & sisters. We can all do tough things, but with the Lord we can do impossible things.

My district minus my companion one last time + Memorial Day colors!‏

My district minus my companion one last time + Memorial Day colors!‏

I will be moving to the Mandarin 2nd ward which is actually President & Sister Craig’s ward. Which is a little nerve wracking. But I’m excited for the challenge. My new companion will be Sister Clemenz who is currently Sister Stitt’s companion, who used to be Sister Jensen’s companion. Small world, man. She’s been out four months & is also from Oregon. 2 from Oregon, 1 from Washington. I guess I’m just going to have to spend a lot of time in the northwest when I get home.

I’m going to miss Sister J like crazy. But we’ll still be in the same zone, so I’ll get to see her sometimes. She’s definitely become one of my best friends. She’s crazy. & I’m crazy. & she’s patient with me. Sometimes we will see signs that say things and read them out loud at the exact same time in the exact same tone of voice. Or we sing the same song at the exact same time in the exact same pitch. Then she always yells at me to get out of her head. Because she loves me.


OH AND GUESS WHAT ELSE. Sister Francom, my friend from the emptysea is replacing me! Cool, huh? I’m glad to know PVBFL will be in good hands.

So yeah. That’s what’s goin on here in the ol’ fjm. Oh yeah. & I decided that I’m going to start a band named Metal Babies, so make sure you jump on that train before it takes off.


Baby Bunnies


Magical backyard

Magical backyard

Singletons. First seafood ever!!

Singletons. First seafood ever!!

Here’s to a new chapter of this crazy mission book

ciaoFace throwing a kiss

New Address:
10275 Old St Augustine Rd #222
Jacksonville, Florida

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