Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven‏

This week there has been a lot of “How long have you been here, Sister Aure?”s & “CAN YOU BELIEVE I’VE BEEN HERE FOR ALMOST SIX MONTHS, RANDOM MEMBER/FRIEND?!” “….woah, calm down.”  So there’s some mixed reactions to me in the universe right now.  All in all, I’m super happy about it. & I think secretly the ward is too. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. It’s hard to imagine being anywhere else in Florida. Before I left for a mission, whenever people would tell me about theirs, they would say they were in an are for over four months and I would think that’s so long and crazy. I feel like I finally got a hang on all the members and gained their trust and friendship just barely. Six months is the best. You have so much more time to watch things be put into action and watch people’s lives change. The JAX Beach ward has a huge chunk of my heart forever.

Last dinner with Jazzy

Last dinner with Jazzy

Our Chilean family and Sister Garcia with her babies!!!

Our Chilean family and Sister Garcia with her babies!!!

On Tuesday at District Meeting (which is a meeting we have once a week with surrounding missionaries) President & Sister Craig showed up! And they’re the best! They were super encouraging & inspirational & cute & just great. We made a goal as a district this week to 100% reach our goal of member present lessons. (The incentive being Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so you know it’s serious) Our average is about three a week, BUT PLOT TWIST/SIDE STORY BUCKLE UP.

On our trade off last week, Sister Mackay challenged me to set our companionship goals higher than usual to see what would happen. So we set our member present goal at five. The idea is that if we set our goals higher than usual, we’ll be more likely to rely on the Lord to help us achieve them. We also ended up looking at our goals a lot more because we knew it wouldn’t be easy to accomplish them. Sister Mackay should get a raise or something, cause it totally worked!  It was amazing to see the Lord work through His righteous members as he placed them exactly where they needed to be to help us accomplish our goal! For instance, we were teaching this guy on his stairwell and literally out of nowhere a member walked around the corner and boldly testified of the Book of Mormon and invited him to church. A couple days later we were going to have a doorstep lesson with a new male (Stephen) investigator and he asked if we could come inside because he was in the middle of something he wanted to finish while we talked. Obviously we couldn’t, so we knocked on a less active’s door that lives in the building next door and she was home and able to come with us!! Seriously, miracles. It’s weeks like this that remind me I can be a missionary because it literally has nothing to do with how good I am at it. All it has to do with is my willingness to push my companion and I to try harder and have a little more faith. This is 187% the Lord’s work & I’m just along for the ride. If he wants something to happen, it will happen. How blessed I am to have been called to witness these miracles daily, first-hand.

Cool, right? You gotta try this missionary thing guys; it’s pretty great. Or I guess just read Alma 32 & put the faith cycle to the test. Pretty much the same thing.

Our favourites sisters Jefferies and Hagen took us out for MShack burgers! I got a crab cake(:

Our favourites sisters Jefferies and Hagen took us out for MShackburgers! I got a crab cake  (:

This weekend was Stake Conference, so we were able to attend that with Laura on Saturday & the Lays on Sunday. The theme was *drum roll* MISSIONARY WORK! And temple attendance/genealogy! President Craig spoke twice, cause, ya know. (I actually don’t know. Why did he speak twice…?)  the stake president told us about how the prophet decides what the topic of stake conference should be. He said something super profound that may or may not mean anything to you. “What are we being prepared in this life to do? What is the nature of the work that goes on in the spirit world?” Food for thought.

My new study topic is humility & I kind of thought I got a head start on it with all the ground work I covered with charity, but wow, this might take a while. Has anyone else done a study on humility? If you haven’t, I suggest you start now, & if you have, pls send me all your notes, k thx.

The dye cupcakes!

Tie dye cupcakes!

Soooo muuuuch froyooooo. This place was giving it away for free!

Soooo muuuuch froyooooo. This place was giving it away for free!

This email is a lot of random thoughts and paragraphs & I’m so sorry about that, but it is what it is. I’ll leave you with this quote from our favourite Dieter F Uchtdorf: “Every mortal has at least a casual, if not intimate, relationship with the sin of pride.”

And also this Book of Mormon scripture about vulnerability, “…all the kindreds of the earth cannot be blessed unless he shall make bare his arms in the eyes of the nations.”

Where we ate dinner last night

Where we ate dinner last night

Seriously though, let's talk about how my hair is longer than the waist on my skirt.

Seriously though, let’s talk about how my hair is longer than the waist on my skirt.

Love you & I’m not angry, just disappointed, in the lack of videos I got from people driving through canyons. But I understand. It was finals week. ….This week, you have no excuse.


Sister Aure


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