So bugged right now that there’s no tornado emoji. C’mon, Apple. Priorities.

So, yeah. There was a tornado here this week. Why is nobody constantly checking the weather for JAX, FL to find out how my life is? I’m not hurt that I didn’t get any frantic emails asking me if I’d been crushed by a tree. Because I didn’t. And I’m fine. And everyone’s fine. But it was really cool. We were at the Chilean Rosbach’s house when it happened. Turns out tornado is tornado in Spanish too.

Secondly, best birthday ever. Once again, thank you all for the lengths you personally went to to remind me of my Rocky Mountain friends and family back home. It did not go unnoticed.



On Tuesday, we had trade-offs with the STLs. It was my first trade off being in my area! And it was with my cute friend Sister Mackay who was in my district for the longest time and just got “promoted”. So that was her first trade off in a leadership position. It was really great and we even invited someone to baptism that we’ll be seeing again this week! We taught a total of 8 lessons in just that one day.

The next day was great and I found the most terrifying cat ever and an old man that used to have missionaries over gave us some fresh eggs from his chickens! We taught the Book of Mormon class that week which was super fun. We love Book of Mormon class. And I like teaching things.



We had the best fast and testimony meeting of my whole life yesterday. I love this ward so much and have made some life long friends here. Can you believe at the end of four weeks I will have been in JAX Beach for 6 months? It feels like I just got here yesterday & I cannot imagine how quickly it’s all going. I know that I have come so far, but I have so far to go. I worked so hard to be exactly where I am right now. It’s so interesting to me how what we want to achieve changes immediately after achieving said goal. I think that’s the way God meant for us to be. Maybe that’s what enduring to the end means. Being who you want to be then finding a different person you want to be. Always changing, progressing, and becoming. I’m a little terrified about who I’m supposed to be once this is all over, but I know I’ll be ready to face that when it comes. Miracles happen everyday & I’m so grateful I was placed in a situation where I get to focus on them often. I know that if you look for them, you will find them, and it will blow your mind how much your Father in Heaven loves you and looks out for you. He knows exactly who He wants you to become.


Now get out there and go on a canyon, windows down, music blaring kind of drive for me. 20 points if you film it and send it to me.

I Miss the Mountains


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