Average Is the Enemy of Excellence

Ugh. How awesome was conference, amiright? It has never meant so much to me than it did this past weekend. We teach people about how Christ’s gospel has been restored through modern day prophets everyday…the. We got to listen to the, speak! So great. I’m turning into one of those mormon missionary people that the outside world can’t relate to because I get most excited by fortissimo’s in MoTab songs & morning scripture study.

we had this giant tv to watch conference on, but it didn't work so we had to watch it on that tiny iPhone instead. It was hilarious.

we had this giant tv to watch conference on, but it didn’t work so we had to watch it on that tiny iPhone instead. It was hilarious.

I’m over it.

This week was just dandy. We’ve been getting really great at talking to everyone (even if they don’t turn into new investigators) & defining the kinds of missionaries & people that we really want to be. I really like Sister Jensen. Mostly because one of her goals this week was to find nice things to say about me. Can we say birthday month?

Jammin to EFY songs.

Jammin to EFY songs.

We did a lot of service this week (the reason why you see so many pictures of me in civilian clothes) and were able to get in contact with some former investigators.

FullSizeRender (84)

OKAY, SO MIRACLE. Back when Sista P was at the Beach with me we got what we call a “media referral” which is someone that called the church’s 1800 number & asked for a free Book of Mormon or video or something. We went over to her house and brought her the Book of Mormon and told her about it…everything going great…we ask when we can stop by again and she says that we can’t and that she’ll call us when she wants to talk. OKAY, WE GET THE HINT, THANKS, SEE YA.

Well fast forward to Friday. Sister Jensen & I are driving trying to see some people that haven’t been coming to church and I make a wrong turn and accidentally we had to take the really long way back to where we were intending to go. While on our detour we were passing the apartment complex of someone who was baptized within the past year and decided to stop by and see if she was home. She wasn’t. Ugh. Bummer.



As we were walking back to our car, saying hello to everyone (like we always do cause we missionaries) someone says hello back and asks how we’re doing. We turn around and go back to talk to her only to find that IT’S THE LADY THAT TOOK THE BOOK OF MORMON AND DIDNT WANT US TO COME BACK. totally on the other side of town, outside in the pool. WOAH. so we start chatting with her and she said that literally minutes before we walked by she was talking about Mormons and thinking about how she needed to start reading the book. We invited her to do so and told her about how much God wants her to hear this message. She agreed. & then told us the sad news that she’s moving to some tropical island and that we’ll probably never see her again. How amazing it was that Heavenly Father loves her SO much that he would put us somewhere we we had absolutely zero intention of being, just so she could be reminded of that. I love being a missionary.

FullSizeRender (87)

Easter was great. We spent our day with two different families, one of which was the Chilean family whom I love with my whole soul. I learned so much in conference. Mostly about who I want to continue to become for the rest of forever. We can never stop learning and growing. We can never accept mediocrity as our best effort. We must press forward with faith in Christ. I know that our savior died for me & He died for you. I know that He lives today & hurts with us each time we hurt as He remembers how that pain felt when He suffered for our afflictions in the garden of Gethsemane. I know that it is only through following His example & striving to be like Him each day that we can return home & live with our families forever. I know that He loves us deeply. Because He lives I can live again.

Thanks for the Easter Eggs, Mom!

Thanks for the Easter Eggs, Mom!


-Sister Golden Hair Surprise


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