Because He Lives

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This week has been really exciting & I’m trying to remember all the reasons why, but it’s hard right now because I’ve been fasting for 23 1/2 hours, so actually maybe I’ll try starting this email again after lunch.

Okay, lunch was had & I feel much more capable now of forming complete, coherent sentences.

You know how most weeks I’m like, “woah, this week went by so crazy fast, what the heck, how is it Monday?!” This week did NOT go like that. I think it was because we were anticipating Chris’ baptism so much. We wanted to make sure that she felt ready & comfortable. We wanted to make sure that everything was in place & that it would go smoothly. We met with her a lot this week and listened to general conference talks while we cooked spaghetti with her. How lucky are we that we were able to be her guides through this journey & answer questions & help her answer her own questions through the scriptures!

We dropped two investigators this week. One was much easier that the other. Everyone needs the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives, but sometimes they are just not ready to act in faith with the steps that will help them get there. Mainly reading the scriptures regularly & attending church every week to partake of the sacrament.

OH, OH, OH! The new Easter video came out! Go to if you haven’t already. I would like to commit each of you reading this email to finish the sentence “Because He lives…” And post it on your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram along with a link to the video. For example, if I was able to use Facebook right now, I would probably post something like, “Because He lives, I can declare His word among His people so they might have everlasting life.” Along with the great video the church provided us. This is such a simple way to share your testimony, be a missionary, and show thanks to God & His Son for what they sacrificed for us. I’m going to follow up next week, so you better do it!!!

We’ve been sharing that video with a lot of people while we knock on doors & meet people on the streets.

On Wednesday our favorite Laura came to a lesson with Jazzy. Jazz has a billion questions about everything & because we’re just two 20 year old girls, we’re not perfect & definitely don’t know all the answers. Luckily Laura was there to help us make more sense at times. Anyway, while she was asking a billion questions, we started talking more & it got to where she was overwhelmed with something we talked about. By the end of the lesson, she had told us that she was going to have to do some heavy praying on that topic. She texted us the next day and asked if she could take us out for breakfast on Saturday. We said, “Duh.” & we met her a the Metro Diner for chicken & waffles. While there, she brought up the heavy topic again and told us that after she prayed about it, she opened the Book of Mormon to see what God wanted to tell her about it. Her prayers were answered in a way that could only be through God & she was able to find peace & understanding through what she read & what the spirit told her. Wow!! We were blown away! It is a rare occasion when people that have been LDS for a long time can come to find answers like that, let alone someone who has only come to church twice. It really strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon. If we do our part to search hard & involve God in our process for finding an answer, He has promised that he will provide us with the truth. What a great blessing that is.

On Sunday we had a great testimony meeting. It was mostly centered around people’s relationship with Jesus Christ, which was very appropriate since we had Easter right around the corner. Chris was there & getting excited for her baptism after church. THEN JAZZ GOT UP AND BORE HER TESTIMONY AND IT WAS THE BEST AND SHE IS JUST SO COOL & MY HERO BECAUSE SHES ONLY BEEN GOING FOR TWO WEEKS BUT SHE DID IT AND WAS AN EXAMPLE TO EVERYONE. She also brought cupcakes for Chris’ baptism which was just so great. She’s so great.

Chris’ baptism was incredible. She asked me to sing Amazing Grace for it, so our District Leader played the piano for that. She invited her friends and family to attend. The ward was so supportive & involved. It has been such a miracle to watch Chris bloom & blossom from when I first got here 4 months ago. I know that this gospel changes lives because it causes you to act. When we prepare for baptism & keep our baptismal covenants, we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. We strive to have a deeper relationship with God. In turn, He fills in every crack & cranny of our hearts and souls. How grateful I am.

That night we used the rest of our monthly miles to drive to St John’s for a missionary fireside that President Craig asked me to sing at. I sang with a Sister Boucher. We sang my favorite missionary song, The Olive Tree. I’m so grateful how often I get to hone & use my talents here on the mission.

The longer I’ve been here, the longer I feel like I’ve always been here. The longer I’m here, the more I really really hate to think who and where I would be if I wasn’t serving this mission. I honestly have no idea where I thought I was going & doing. I totally thought I knew the gospel & knew what was expected of me & how to be a good person. But I was suuupeeeer off. I’m so grateful that God called me on a mission so I could succeed in life. & will know how to properly teach my children & posterity how to live good, wholesome, useful lives. I now know that I could not have done that without coming here.

Share your daily/weekly/monthly/life-ly miracles with me! I love to hear about those things.

Aight Now,
Sister Aure

P.S. My birthday is soon.
P.P.S. My address is still the same and should be on under the Send Me Love tab


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