How the flippedy flop is it Monday again. Wat?

This email will start with the miracle of the corned beef.

Sister Jensen was SO excited for St. Patrick’s Day for who knows what reason. The Mortensens had signed up on our dinner calendar for that day & they are the best people. One of the reasons that they’re the best, is because they are super healthy and gluten and dairy free and eat everything good and green. At least 3 times a day, Sister Jensen would mention that she hopes the Mortensens make corned beef and cabbage for the holiday. I had to nicely explain to her a million times (I’m not drama into or anything) that there was no way on this beautiful green earth that the healthy Mortensens were going to make corned beef OR cabbage. We show up at their house Tuesday night & Sister Mortensen is telling us about how she was at the store earlier that week getting supplies for our dinner tonight. She then told us that she was at Publix that morning & suddenly felt like she needed to change dinner plans and buy corned beef, cabbage, and root veg instead for the holiday. Sister Jensen was so happy, not smug at all, bless her soul, and we had the best dinner ever. Miracles happen, my friends. Usually they have to do with food.

Bowling for p day! Soon, our mission will only have 60 sisters. The big surge of women seems to be over.

Bowling for p day! Soon, our mission will only have 60 sisters. The big surge of women seems to be over.

FullSizeRender (78)

On Wednesday night I went to Hendricks for trade offs with Sister Training Leader Gillman. Trade offs are always a fun change of pace and a great way for us to ask for ideas on how to improve. I learned a lot about how important it is to always look at yourself first to see how you can improve before placing the blame on someone else.

Thursday we met Brandon at the park again and read the Book of Mormon with him. He really understands everything very well and has a desire to do what is right. I ALSO ALMOST CAUGHT A SNAKE. then we went to dinner with Laura which is always just the best time, because she’s the best. Chris had her baptism interview and passed with flying colors! She will be baptized and confirmed next Sunday after church. She is very excited

Wendall loves to give us grapefruit and food out of his garden.

Wendall loves to give us grapefruit  and food  out of his garden.

From this cute old widower we have been spending some time with.

From this cute old widower we have been spending some time with

Also our dream miracle family dropped us. Through text. I’m surprised how much it felt like a break up. This is what it said, “Bubba and I have done a lot of talking and praying about what we are looking for in our church. We wanted to talk to you about this Tuesday, but things were a bit rushed. Sister, you gave my husband and I a great gift by reopening our eyes and bringing God back into the forefront of our world and for that we are and will be eternally grateful. However, after much thought and prayer, we have decided to go back to our roots. You will never fully understand the positive impact you have had on us, and I hope you will always consider us a success story in some ways. We will always see you all as extended family and you are always welcome in our home. We love you ladies dearly , but feel this is the best course of action for us. Hope you will still visit from time to time :-)”

It’s been a roller coaster week.

On Friday we had a lesson with a family that we met a couple weeks ago and it’s going really well so far. Prayers for them, please!

We love JAX beach.

We love JAX beach.

We also have a new investigator introduced to us. Her name is Jazzy & she is exciting as she sounds. She met with missionaries 2-3 years ago and called us back up because she feels the need to have this religion back in her life. She’s very adamant about not being baptized, but she’ll come around (:

On Saturday night we were getting gas & Sister J was talking to everyone like a pro while I filled up. She started talking to this guy named Rocky and it turns out that he also used to have missionaries meet with him. He even had a Book of Mormon. He invited us over to his house for Sunday diner with his wife the next day. We had a lovely evening & like I said, most miracles involve food. We’re going to go back next weekend and show them the new Easter video.

My birthday is coming up soon, just in case you forgot. And also, I’m so sorry for not being more specific, my literal, snail-mail mailbox has been empty for a couple weeks, not my email box. My address will be the same for at least three more weeks.

Love y’all sosososososo much & I pray mightily for you daily.

Sista Sista


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