When You Love Them They Will Blossom


Sister Pasko and I with Chris. She's getting baptized on the 29th!!!

Sister Pasko and I with Chris. She’s getting baptized on the 29th!!!

After I wrote last week, we were leaving our taco joint and this oldish man was walking past us. Sister Jensen said hello to him and he stopped and said hello back and started asking about her name tag. We ended up teaching him part of the restoration and setting a return appointment. The best part about this is that it turns out he lives right down the street from us on the other side of town! We visit him at our appointment and he’s read the whole pamphlet and has a bunch of questions and is super excited to come to church on Sunday. SPOILER ALERT He, Ron, and 3 other investigators were able to come to church on Sunday, which was amazing.

FullSizeRender (62)

I usually make a smoothie for breakfast (thanks Sister Pasko) and earlier this week I had to shower & the smoothie just wasn’t mixing, so I asked Sister Jensen to finish it. While I was in the shower I hear a very angry noise from the kitchen. It turns out that she had grabbed one of the homemade ice packs (alcohol and water) and dumped it in the smoothie thinking it was cold water. She didn’t want us buzzed for the rest of the day, so she tossed it and made another one. So sweet of her. Then I gave her a vitamin & it was too healthy for her, I guess, because she immediately threw it all up. I like this girl a lot.

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FullSizeRender (63)

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On Saturday we had a couple hours of street contacting. Towards the end of the night, sister J saw someone sitting alone staring at the ocean in a park & she felt strongly that we should talk to him. He was very kind and mentioned to us that he used to have sister missionaries stop by all the time, but he got busy and they eventually stopped coming. We taught the restoration and were able to strongly testify to him that his Heavenly Father really wanted him to hear His message. He asked to meet with him again next week.

Sister Dill took us out for sea food

Sister Dill took us out for sea food

Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes

We taught part of the restoration to this old man and he made me try one of his raw oysters

We taught part of the restoration to this old man and he made me try one of his raw oysters

Sunday was good, as it always is, the members are still incredible. For instance, TJ & Katherine Lay took us to St Augustine for P Day today.





We helped Chris Hunt move & she gave us a bunch of cool old stuff. She’s getting more and more excited to be baptized and even helped fellowship Ron at church.

OH AND ALSO ELDER KOPISHCKE CAME AND SPOKE TO US and it was incredible. He totally changed the way I think about missionary work, especially teaching. So we’ve been working a lot this week on different ways to implement what he taught.

I wish everyone in the world could be here experiencing what I’m experiencing, but hopefully this email suffices.

Sister MissionAure


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