I Have No Time to Write This!

When you see beautiful art you just have to dance in front of it.

When you see beautiful art you just have to dance in front of it.

So, our P-day today was cut short for a few reasons today, one of which I lost my wallet AGAIN (But I have the best Zone Leaders ever & they took care of it for me) & also our dinner appointment is at 5 instead of 6 tonight. Never do that to the missionaries on Monday, Mom & Dad, otherwise they might not be able to finish emailing everyone. (Just in case anyone’s wondering, I email from who emailed me first in the week, to last, so if you procrastinated & didn’t email me until 1 o clock this morning, that’s why you didn’t get an answer)

This week was really fun because we ran out of miles for our car & had to bike 10 miles to our appointments one day. We found out that my bike was WAY too tall for me, so it was really hard to pedal far or fast. I was able to go to the bike shop today & trade it in for a small discount for a brand new bike though, so that’s great. They said they see the missionaries in there a lot so they said they gave me a nice deal. I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT BIKES THOUGH SO I HOPE THEY WEREN’T LYING. I don’t have trust issues.


On Tuesday we had a miracle lesson with a miracle family, but I’m not going to talk about them yet, just in case it jinxes it.

Our Ward Mission Leader is trying to be a really good example to our ward by following the Ward mission plan & asking someone each month to listen to the missionaries. He told his co worker that we would help her move if she would listen to a missionary lesson (which is a great tactic, he knows what he’s doin.) & she accepted! We had a great time getting to know her & she had never heard of the Book of Mormon before, & she loved the idea of it all. We will never see her again because she…moved….BUT it just goes to show that if we make a righteous goal & pray about it to our Heavenly Father, He will provide for us. This is especially true about missionary work!

Look! A baby bunny!

Look! A baby bunny!

Something super great is happening this week. The Book of Mormon musical is coming to town, & we have tickets to see it! Just kidding, that last part isn’t true. BUT, we are using this free publicity to our full capacity. President Craig decided that he wanted a team of 12 companionship at the entrance of the theatre each night of the showing to answer questions about the REAL Mormons & help anyone who wants to know more about fact instead of fiction. He sent out an email this week, and of the 12 companion-ships, there were Assistants to the President on the list…..ex-Assistants…..Sister Training Coordinators….okay, yeah, I see the running motif, here….Sister Training Leaders…..Zone Leaders…..Sister Pasko & Sister Aure……WHAT?!!!?? How did our names accidentally get put on that list?! What the what?! ANYWAY, yes, Sister Pasko & I were chosen to represent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the Broadway Tour of the Book of Mormon Musical in Jacksonville, Florida.What an incredible opportunity. It really made me stop & think about the caliber of missionary work that President thinks we’re doing out here. It made me always want to live up to the idea that I am a good enough missionary to be working along the best of the best in the mission. AND I’M STILL IN TRAINING. I’m so excited to use this opportunity that the Lord has given us to find people that want to know more about the restored gospel.

Homeless fellow Jonathan is still as strong as ever & coming to church every week. We’ve been very blessed with teaching appointments last week & members that were able & willing to be involved with them. At fast & testimony meeting yesterday we had FIVE testimonies borne about experiences they were having with the Sister Missionaries. Missionary work blesses the lives of everyone involved, not just the investigator.

I have a testimony of that.



FullSizeRender (4)

I’m so happy here & I honestly wouldn’t mind spending 18 full months with the JAX Beaches Ward. The work is progressing here & all over the globe. Everyone involved in it is receiving blessings they didn’t even know were possible.

Thank you for the loving words I receive every week, I cherish each & every one.

With all my love,
Sister MissionAure


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