I’m Normal, I Promise

I am trying really hard to think of something really interesting that happened this week, but I’m coming up blank. Missionary work is interesting though, right? Maybe the fact that I’ve started dreaming solely about being a missionary.


The closest we are allowed to get to the beach.

I’m normal, promise.

I’m falling in love with the members here. There are so many that mean so much to me. Sister Nillson came up to me yesterday after relief society & said, “You could never tell that you’re new here. I don’t know what you did to prepare yourself, but you do not seem like a new missionary. I wish your mom could see you here conducting the music, she would be so proud of you.” That was such a tender mercy. Some days (most days) I feel as if I have no idea what I’m doing here & I’m just bobbing around in the tide. So the fact that nobody’s noticing that made me really happy!

These little girls wouldn't let us give our lesson in the park unless we took selfies with them. Not sad about it.

These little girls wouldn’t let us give our lesson in the park unless
we took selfies with them. Not sad about it.

Speaking of relief society, yesterday’s lesson was the greatest thing ever. It was all about rescuing those who are lost. In the General Conference talk, given last October, called Rescue in Unity, it talks about the paraplegic man who was entered in through the roof where Jesus was going to heal him. Elder Wong goes to say,

“Do we know anyone in our life who is afflicted with spiritual palsy, someone who just cannot come back to the Church by himself or herself? He or she could be one of our children, one of our parents, a spouse, or a friend…

“In conclusion, may I share with you one more hidden treasure found in his scripture account. It is in verse 5: “When Jesus saw their faith” (emphasis added). I had not noticed this in the past–their faith. Our combined faith will also affect the well-being of others.

“Who were those people that Jesus mentioned? They could well include the four who carried the man with palsy, the man himself, the people who had prayed for him, and all those who were there listening to the preaching of Jesus and cheering quietly in their hearts for the soon-to-come miracle. They could also include a spouse, a parent, a son or a daughter, a missionary, a quorum president, a Relief Society president, a bishop, and a faraway friend. We can all help one another. We should always be anxiously engaged in seeking to rescue those in need.

“I testify that Jesus Christ is a God of miracles. Jesus Christ loves us all and has the power to save and heal, both physically and spiritually. When we assist Him in His mission of saving souls, we too will be rescued in the process….”

I have a bigger testimony now than ever before of visiting and home teaching. So often do we go visit less active members that say, “You know, I normally don’t let the missionaries in. But for the past couple of months my visiting teacher has been leaving sticky notes and cookies at my door, & today I figured that today might as well be the day that I let someone in.”

I just want to kiss those visiting teachers!!!! By simply doing their assignment every month, & NOT giving up, even though the teacher is never responsive, they are softening their heart. They’re helping them feel the spirit. They are showing them that they Are. Not. Alone. So many times these people are afraid to come back to church because they don’t want to be alone or feel like everyone’s looking at them wondering why they are there. Think of how much easier it would be for them to come back if they knew they had their visiting teacher to sit with! This is such an inspired program. What a blessing it is that we can & should all be a part of it.


We saw a (clean) homeless fellow named Jonathan at Wendy’s this week & invited him to church. He showed up on Sunday & loved it. We were able to teach him the restoration after church & help him recognize what the spirit feels like. It is breathtaking to watch someone realize for the first time In their life what getting divine help feels like.

We have a lot of lessons lined up this week that we’re really excited for.

I feel all of your prayers & I hope you feel mine.

Sister Aure


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