We started biking this week!

We started biking this week!

Let me break this down for you.

So you know how when you’re on a mission you’re supposed to find people to teach, then teach them, sometimes stop teaching them, then maybe if your lucky, baptize them? Cool. Great. We’re on the same page then. Now let me give you a peek into our teaching pool right now.

Natalie: decided she was too sick to progress or to take the lessons & is still living with her boyfriend. She then told us that she’ll get back to us when she’s ready.

Monica: rejected our invitation to baptism, but still wants to be friends….

Miss Chris: cancelled her baptism, but still wants us to come over every once in awhile to nag on her about her prescription pill addiction & bake cookies.

Jean: she’s been on baptism date for 6 months. Not only does she have sores on her legs that will never heal, but now she has the flu & bronchitis, so that’s going really well.

Stacey: accepted baptism on the first lesson, then ran away screaming when her friends told her what Mormonism “really” is.

Russell “Angel”: when we invited him to be baptized, he thought Sister Pasko (who’s name he thinks is Sister Aure) was asking him on a date for six months from now, which he was really excited about. Also, he’s homeless.

The Battell Family: doesn’t want to get married & doesn’t want to separate, but also wants to get baptized. But they did just buy a new townhouse to move into together, so good for them?

OUR TWO TOP PROGRESSING INVESTIGATORS Eli & Michael: they’re taking lessons for business reasons only and
our member present is their boss.

So in other words, Heavenly Father is keeping things eternally entertaining for us; we’re so lucky to be here.


Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the 12 apostles came and spoke to the whole mission this week which was incredible. I’ve been able to see 3 apostles speak in the past 2 months! I’m so blessed. Elder Anderson talked A lot about faith & how anything in this life is truest possible if we are willing to work hard enough for it & have faith enough for miracles. What an incredible message to hear from a consecrated servant of God…especially as a missionary!

Last Sunday sister Pasko gave a talk on hope & equated it to a yellow balloon. A nice lady we’ve been working with since we got here liked it so much that she went out & bought us yellow balloons! The next day, after all of our appointments had fallen through & knocking on doors was more than unsuccessful, we went to target with our yellow balloon & started asking people in the parking lot what it made them think of. Some of the answers we got were, “sunshine, carnivals, fog, my kids” and we were able to relate all of their answers back to the gospel. It was so fun & such a great way to get to know people’s real feelings fairly quickly.


I also gave my first training in District Meeting! It was on the Preach My Gospel Topic “Talking to Everyone” I think it went really well & the Zone Leaders called the next day to tell me that they thought it did as well.


There are 2 older, single ladies, Sister Nillson & Sister Jump, in our ward that took us out for lunch this week! They are the sweetest women & avid sharks teeth collectors. One of them, Sister Nillson, divorced at the age of 53 and then served two, full proselyting missions. One in Chile, & one in South Africa. How amazing! I can’t imagine doing what I’m doing right now at that age. What a woman.


The most important thing that happened this week, however, was a conversation we had with a young black man while we were walking down the street.

S. Aure: “…well that sounds great! My name is S. Aure, what’s yours?” Y.B.M. “Daquan. Spelled D-E-Q-U-N-N. It was sposta be an A, but my mama…I don’t even know.”

That was my week, friends. I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be & I know that if we let Him, the Savior will lead us to the exact path we are supposed to be on. We must have the faith & desire to do tough things, in order to receive those higher blessings that are waiting for each & every single one of us.

My favorite Sis. Blatter

My favorite Sis. Blatter

Love y’all.

Sister Aure

P.S. It’s been 6 weeks in Florida already, can you believe it? We got
the news last night that Sister Pasko & I will be here in JAX Beaches
for at least another 6!


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