10 celestial points for you if you got that movie reference.

photo 4

This is what our weekly schedule looks like. So much planning! look at all those backups.

This week was fun. I think we finally have an idea of what the heck is going on in this area & what it is exactly that we’re supposed to be doing & how to kind of pretend to know how to do it.

I don’t know why, but I’ve become obsessed with people’s dogs & other various animals since being here. We went to a dog park & we picked up a new investigator! He also currently has my personal Book of Mormon (because I’m a terrible missionary & didn’t bring one with us to our first appointment with him) so hopefully he wants to meet with us again so I can get it back…. I’ve also learned that if you are crazy nice to old, single people’s dogs, & talk to their dogs & just love them & pet them, you will melt their old, single owner’s hearts. So that’s been my door approach, lately. Heavenly Father has been blessing me with being able to remember the names of all dog breeds that I learned while reading the Dog Encyclopedia my parents got me when I was 10 years old. Sooo…..Yup. This is what being a missionary is like. Super cool. When I go home, the only way I’ll be able to prove to people that my mission blessed my life is by being able to tell them the differences between an Irish Setter & a Brittney.

photo 5 (1)


Its fine.

I’ll take what I can get.

We’ve been working with a lot of less active people lately & just trying to visit every single person in the ward, which has resulted in a lot of delicious dinners. I’m all about that food.

There’s this “mission famous” couple that happens to be in our ward. 8 years ago, they both served their mission in the Jax Florida Mission. She got here like…6 months before he did, but they both started in the same area (JAX Beaches, represent, what what).  At one point he was her District Leader, but that’s basically all the contact they had with each other their entire missions. THEN 6 years after they’re both home, they met up with each other & started dating & were married six months later. They’re the best people in the world & just love the missionaries so much. Sister Jeffries comes out with us a lot & still is so great at teaching & preaching the gospel. I still want to have the spirit of missionary work in me like that 8 years from now.

There’s been some drama with someone we’ve been working with since we got here, that I won’t go into. She was on date for baptism in February, but we don’t really think that’s going to happen anymore. Which is a bummer. We have this other incredible investigator. She has been investigating the church for about a year and a half. She’s gone though so much in her life and for a long time, the reason she couldn’t get baptized was because she had a really bad prescription pain pill addiction. She got rid of that and now the thing that is stopping her from baptism is her abusive boyfriend (that she’s had for 12 years). She recently found out that he is married. She’s been living with him for that long (which you can’t do when you want to get baptized), but he never let her have a job or a car, so she had no way to save up money to get her own apartment. She’s finally had enough and is ready to make the decision to have faith in god and just get out. She is going to try to go to a women’s shelter, but they are really hard to get into & have a really long waiting list. we pray for her so many times a day. Because she has been taught all the lessons a thousand times already, we mostly just encourage her and help her set goals and remind her about how important her progress is.

photo 5

It’s been like….70-80 degrees all week which has been great. Today is a little chillier. We have a training meeting at headquarters this Friday, so I am excited to see all of my MTC friends again.

That’s pretty much my life.

Catch ya on the flip side. I love every single email that I get every single week.

We in the south! look at all those clotheslines.

We in the south! look at all those clotheslines.

Sister MissionAure


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