Christmas & Car Crashes‏

It’s Christmaaaaaaaaas in *Floridaaaa* & it’s hard to ignore that it feels like summer all the time. It’s good to be alive.



That song came on at a restaurant we were at last week & it made me really happy. We call that a tender mercy, my friends.

So, yeah. This week has been quite the week. People keep asking me what the hardest part about my mission has been so far & I always answer, “Being trapped in the MTC” & now I will be able to have a different answer! Yay! This week was fun in a lot of ways. We had a member take us out for lunch at the best mexican place I’ve ever been to in my entire life. I had a fish taco & they make the guacamole right there at your table. I thought I had died & gone to culinary heaven. We’ve been what we like to call “carol tracting” all week, which basically includes us caroling at stranger’s houses & forcing them to watch “He Is The Gift.” It was really effective!  & also we went to 4 different dinners between Christmas Eve & Christmas. & plus I got to talk to my cute family so that was great.


Lunch at the Flying Iguana

The day after Christmas my companion & I were pulling out of a parking lot & we got hit by a car. The accident was pretty bad, but luckily none of us were injured too badly. I cannot say the same for the two cars involved, unfortunately. We had to cancel our dinner & lessons for that night & drive to Jacksonville to get a new car. & then I got to drive! Which was great. I had been waiting for that day since I got here. Fast forward to this morning at the grocery store, when I was pulling out my wallet to get my debit card, I realized my wallet was missing! Oh how fun! As you know, Sister Pasko is also in a boot for a sprained ankle so we can’t ride bikes right now (which I haven’t been too sad about until now, if we’re being totally honest) & my wallet has my driver’s license in it. So….basically we can only see people & places that are within walking distance unless a member can pick us up & take us somewhere. I’m sad that I lost my wallet, first and foremost because it’s really really really incredibly inconvenient for missionary work, especially under the circumstances we are in. I’ve been having a fun time being patient. I’m so used to just being able to drive down to the DMV or drive wherever I need to whenever I want, or call my banks & cancel my cards at my convenience. But I am a missionary now & I cannot just take care of things like that all by myself anymore & I have to be patient & wait for them to kind of just work themselves out. I’m hoping this all doesn’t send my anxiety through the roof, but it just might. Say lots of prayers that we’ll find my wallet. My cute Bekah friend just emailed me saying that a new license without being there to get it in person will take 90 days to process & then another 7-9 weeks to get mailed out. Nobody’s got time for that! Especially missionaries.

It has definitely been an eventful week, as you already know. It just seems like someone is trying to stop us from doing missionary work…..I wonder who that could be (:

Our whiteboard with investigators

Our whiteboard with investigators

One of our investigators.

One of our investigators.

Know I am well & happy, although stressed out at the current moment. That will pass, though. OH AND I SAW A TURTLE THIS MORNING THAT WAS HUGE JUST CHILLIN OUT AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. I am on an African safari, I swear.

photo 1 (1)

P.S. MY WALLET HAS BEEN FOUND!  A member just texted me and said that she found it in her car. Blessings all around. I called my Zone Leaders right after we found it, & they said they had literally just finished a prayer asking that we would find it, because like I said in my last email, IT WOULD BE LITERALLY ONE OF THE WORST THINGS EVER IF I LOST MY LICENSE. Love y’all & you each give me strength everyday. I feel your prayers everyday. I hope you feel mine too.

Love y’all a lot. Stay safe. (:


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