I’m Dreaming of a Wet/Sunny/Sometimes Cloudy Christmas


It seems like last P-Day was 15 years ago and also yesterday at the same time. Time is weird here.

It was so sunny & warm last week and also sometimes freezing cold & this week it has been really rainy which has been really fun!



This week during our morning studies we got a phone call! Turns out that it was this woman who had been taught by the sister missionaries in the past, but was never ready to commit to baptism. She said that she wanted us to come over so we could meet her & also to bring 3 Book of Mormons so she could give them to her family for Christmas. We go over to her house later that day and she tells us that she’s finally ready to leave her abusive boyfriend and get baptized by Easter!

I feel like my whole mission has just been miracles so far because I feel like every other day Sister Paskos is like, “This just doesn’t happen everyday!” “This is every missionary’s dream!”, so in other words, eventually it’s going to stop being miracles everyday & I’m going to be sad. Because this is what I am used to!

"I just love your daughter!"  ~ ward relief society president where Sister Aure is serving.

“I just love your daughter!” ~ sent to the missionary mama by one of the ward Relief Society presidents.

The members have been spoiling us so much this past week. They’re always giving us things or wanting us to come over for dinner and just being the best. So mom & dad, pass on the karma! Be extra nice to the missionaries where you’re at so members will continue being super nice to me. Also, we joined the ward choir! So we got to sing in church on Sunday. It was so fun. It’s incredible how the Lord can magnify our talents. If we are willing to put in the work, He will fill in the rest for us & help us to become even better.

My favorite moment this week happened a few days ago. We were in an apartment complex after all of our appointments didn’t answer the door, trying to figure out what to do with our suddenly free evening when we saw a Christmas tree flickering in a window on the top floor. I really wanted to go sing a Christmas carol to that door for some reason, so we went up, rang the door bell & started singing Silent Night. A middle aged man opened the door & listened & thanked us. We then shared with him He is the Gift as tears came to his eyes. He shared with us how special that video was to him & how his mother passed away a year ago on that day. He said he was having a hard time having Christmas without her around this year. He expressed his desire to have his 10 year old daughter involved in some sort of religion and excitedly invited us over this coming weekend. I hope he was able to recognize God’s hand in his life in that moment & how much He cares for that man & wants him (along with everyone else) to feel His love. God has us find the 1 of 99 often & I’m so grateful for that.

Christmas is this week & the biggest THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me cards and packages. I feel not so far away from home.



I love you & think of you daily.

Sister Aure

Ugh! Nasty, gross cockroach!

Ugh! Nasty, gross cockroach!

P.S. this week, I had the privilege of seeing three  3+ inch cockroaches in our apartment, soooo……that’s fun.


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