1st Day Picture With President and Sister Craig

President and Sister Craig

President and Sister Craig

Hello hello hello! I have made it to Florida! We left off from SLC as the sun was rising, and I was so grateful for the tender mercy of being able to watch the pink sunrise over my salty city one last time for 18 months. The plane ride was great, but after waking up at 3 AM, I was just so tired. I still am so tired, but my heart is bursting with love for this beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL state and the selfless, loving, and best ever mission parents. As we flew into Florida I almost wept with how beautiful everything was, and I felt within the depths of my soul that I was home. This mission I am on is going to be so hard, & it’s going to try me to my limits, & some days I’m going to want to come home. But I won’t until my 18 months is over, because I could never deny that this is exactly where I need to be. I know you & I will both be eternally blessed for the service I will be doing in the future. Thank you for always lifting my spirits & thank you for the endless love and support you send me. I feel your prayers daily & I hope you feel mine. I know that our Saviour Jesus Christ died for you, & I and would have done it a thousand times over if it means we can come back to live with him again. God bless & share God’s light with someone who needs it this special Christmas season.

With all the love in my little heart,
Sister Aure

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