TRC and Dying


This week was so long and so short all at the same time. We all felt a little jaded that we were supposed to have left earlier this week, but it ended up being a blessing because we really all became great friends this week. We were also much more prepared to teach our first real investigator, Chad! Other than me being sick and getting to go off campus to go to the dr’s, Chad was the most exciting thing about this week. Oh and Vocal Point performed for an hour to us last Sunday, so that was pretty cool too. Also we heard from Elder Evans of the 70. He taught us about how we need to share the gift of Jesus Christ to everyone in our lives, including and especially our loved ones back home.

The MTC has this program called TRC (Idk what that stands for) where they hire people to come in and be taught by the missionaries for practice. really, I just think it’s an ingenius way to get non mormons to listen to all the lessons. I guess they had 3 baptisms from it in the past six months. Some of the people they hire are recent converts that just act like they are not converted yet and act like they used to before they were converted. But we don’t know who is and who isn’t a member. We were assigned Chad.
1st real investigator. Mixed emotions.

1st real investigator. Mixed emotions.

The day we met Chad, we were able to connect to him instantly. It was the first time in my life that I could physically feel the spirit working through me, prompting me to say what Chad needed to hear and prompting me to to sometimes be quiet and just listen. I never want that to go away. I always want to be worthy to be that kind of vessel for the spirit, it was incredible, I can’t even explain it.

Anyway, we talked about his life and his divorce and his background as a catholic and then as an atheist.

The second day we taught him, I wrote in my journal:
“My words on these pages will be unable to express the spirit I have felt today. Today we taught Chad again. He told us about how our church makes the most sense. How God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost have to be separate beings. He said, “What, did Jesus Christ pray to himself on the cross and in the garden of Gethsemane?” He said that an all-loving God wouldn’t make salvation as impossible as non LDS churches do. He said, “It doesn’t make sense to me that a guy in Papa New Guinea that lived an honest life and never saw white man in his entire life would be damned just because he wasn’t baptized as catholic.” We were able to teach him about D&C 137 & he loved that because it. makes. sense. He loved that we don’t believe in original sin, too. The Holy Ghost helped me remember a scripture in Mosiah that deals directly with why we don’t baptize infants. He was amazed that the Book of Mormon has so many answers to the questions of our souls.

“Today I have been able to see fractional glimpses of who I am going to be at the end of this mission. And she is an incredible person that seems so far from where I am. But I know that through faith in Jesus Christ and the trials I will go through will bring me to her.”

I am grateful everyday that I get to bear my testimony in my native tongue. I am blessed that I can use descriptive, complete sentences.I’m grateful that in studies, I really get to focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ instead of the verbs I just can’t get right. And plus, I would never survive 6-9 weeks here. No thanks!

The next day Chad taught ME about his favourite scripture in the bible which is John 15:18-19. he said, “I often used to wonder, if there is a God, then why is he letting me go through so much pain? Why doesn’t He stop this? When I read those scriptures, it really hit me how much God loved His Son Jesus Christ. It made me think about how if God loved His Son so much that He didn’t stop His pain, then maybe the pain I’m going through doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love or care about me. Maybe it’s possible that he loves me that much too.”

1st investigator, Chad.

1st investigator, Chad.

After that lesson, we went to class and the TRC supervisor (who isn’t a member) came all the way to our building, found our classroom, and pulled Sister Bolos & I out. He said, “As the ‘supervisor’ I have to check up on all the investigators to see if they feel they are being treated well by the missionaries. I’ve known Chad for awhile, & I have never seen him so happy or smile with his eyes like he has been. Whatever you’re doing, please keep it up.”

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! Is this what it feels like to be a missionary?!?!? This is incredible!!

i wish i could tell you everything that i learned from chad this week, but there simply isn’t enough time & I honestly don’t think anyone cares as much as I do. haha. The last day we taught him, we invited him to baptism, he declined but said that he’s open to the idea. I know if we had more time with him, he would have developed enough faith, but it’s time for us to move on. He thanked us and told us that we made him feel things that no other companionship ever had. He asked for our emails and to take a picture with us. I have so much love for that man & so does our father in heaven. Without Chad, I would not be the person I now am after just four short lessons with him. God knows what we need and He knew I needed Chad.

Moral of the story, although most days I am on my death bed with illness, there is nowhere else I would rather be on my deathbed. Next time you hear from me, I will be in Florida teaching more real life investigators.

Sick in bed studying every day. My cute Bolos made me an acorn.

Sick in bed studying every day. My cute Bolos made me an acorn.

I love all of the emails and letters and dear elders. Please keep them coming, it is just a great boost at the end of the day.

I am so blessed and happy to be here.

With all the love in the world,

Sister Aure


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