MTC Newbie

Hello loved ones! I got to the MTC! I made it! I’m here! I’m with 9 other elders & sisters in my district who are either going to Atlanta North or with me to Jacksonville. The sisters are so kind, & the elders are so funny, & they just make me not miss my little brother so much. Being here has really made me wonder how on earth inner district dating ever happens, because I just love my district so much like a family & not like that at all. Plus, they’re all 18, so that’s weird. Let’s just say I have way more in common with the people that work here & teach us…..Most days I feel like I’m in a giant High School that you can never ever leave. & that’s kind of frustrating because you don’t have any way to communicate with anyone, so it’s hard to find people or gather information. ALSO my district is one of two that was chosen to be part of the “iPad Pilot Program” so we are just testing them out to see if they are beneficial for the MTC. They are okay, but I don’t think they make a big enough difference for it to be worth it. Maybe if I didn’t have one I would feel differently….& it is tempting because my email is always on there, & I’m not supposed to check it until Saturday! Man oh man.

Even laundry is exciting on Pday!

Even laundry is exciting on Pday!

My companion, Sister Bolos.

My companion, Sister Bolos.

I feel like I’ve learned so much about myself already. I’ve really had to dig deep & figure out why i’m really here & what it is exactly that I want to accomplish. I have to tell myself 7683456x a day to have a better attitude and to not reply snarkily to someone when they are being idiots. It’s really hard. Yesterday I had an elder sitting next to me in lunch ask me if the Jacksonville wards were going to be like the “black people ward on Meet the Mormons” & I told him about how racist what he just said was, & he didn’t even understand. I just get so scared for some of these children in here when they get out to the real world. Whatever. Not mah problem. We started teaching an investigator named Ryan yesterday & he doesn’t know much about God or  his relationship with him, so tonight we decided that we will share with him the plan of salvation. We also will be teaching a new investigator tonight.

Things are going well here. I love the people that I serve with & although the MTC is incredulously frustrating for a thousand reasons I don’t have time to explain right now, I know that I am here to learn the things that will make me the missionary that I need to be. I pray for you all every night. I love dearelders & letters since I am only able to check e-mail on Saturdays. I will send some pictures later from my iPad. Give everyone my love.

Sister Aure

Farewells, Goodbyes, and “See You Soon!”

This is my first blog post as a proud and slightly teary-eyed missionary momma!  I have the honor of being the caretaker of this blog while Sister Aure is on her mission in Jacksonville, Florida. Sister Aure gave a beautiful talk on Sunday, and there were so many wonderful family and friends who were able to come and support her. She talked about how to prepare to serve a mission and had us laughing and crying with her wonderful wit and super sweet testimony. Sister Aure’s brother Ethan gave his first talk in sacrament that day on how to be a missionary be example.  His sister’s face shone proudly as only a big sister’s can, and it touched my mother’s heart to see them share a sweet hug after she sat back down. Ashtyn’s friend Bret wrote a little bit about that special bond in this blogpost.

After sacrament, we all gathered for food, reminiscing and advice for future Sister Aure.  There are so many people who love and support her, and I know they will continue to do so while she is away serving the Lord.