Get to Know My Missionary

My soon to be mission president asked my parents to write him a letter about me in order to get to know me better. I think this is really cool because

A)  It’s awesome to see him taking so much interest in his missionaries that haven’t even arrived yet

B) What a great way to put down in writing where I am in my life. I cannot wait to have my mother write another letter about me at the conclusion of this mission so I can see just how far I have grown.


Dear President Craig,

I’m the mother who is blessed to call Ashtyn Aure my daughter. I’m so excited for this new venture in her life, and I hope it will be full of growth, deeper understanding of the gospel, and happiness in serving God’s children.
Ashtyn is a force of nature (smile).   She has a very dynamic, yet thoughtful personality.  She excelled in drama and choir in high school, and has just finished doing a community musical.  She can be dynamic on stage one day, and the next day she might be writing a very introspective, insightful blog about her place in the world and how she sees life around her. Ashtyn has a beautiful, strong voice; truly a gift from her Heavenly Father. She truly appreciates the beauty of the earth, especially things found in nature.  She has developed a penchant for traveling and truly enjoys the experience of new places and meeting new people.  She worked and paid her own way to France a couple of summers ago.  It was this experience that lead to her wanting to serve a mission.  Ashtyn can be a social butterfly, and yet she will sometimes need some quiet reflective time.  She has been through some challenging experiences, and I know she will have a great deal of compassion for those who are struggling.
Ashtyn read her scriptures faithfully through all of her seminary years.  No matter how tired she was, or how late to bed she was, I would go in to say goodnight, only to find her reading her scriptures before she went to bed.   I know she has  a deep and abiding love for the gospel, and she recognizes that there are so many people who are not as blessed as she has been to grow up in the church.
I can’t even begin express how much I love this wonderful young woman.  I’m so pleased with her unselfish desire to serve the Lord.  I’m also grateful for the example she is setting for her younger brother.  I’m going to miss her like crazy, but I know her mission will be a blessing to her family, and we are looking forward to having a missionary in our family.
Kristin Mortensen (aka Ashtyn’s Mama)

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